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Entrepreneur: A Real-life Entrepreneurial Experience for Students

An interactive, hands-on simulation where students play as an entrepreneur making realistic business decisions on the road to start-up success.


Entrepreneur: A Real-life Entrepreneurial Experience for Students is a realistic, innovative educational simulation designed to level up students' understanding through immersive experiential learning. Students don’t just learn entrepreneurial concepts, they experience them first-hand by playing as an entrepreneur, making difficult business decisions, and running their business.

Watch this demo video to see how the Entrepreneur simulation works!
Experience for yourself how immersive and realistic the simulation is!

Entrepreneur: A Real-life Entrepreneurial Experience for Students features the interactive Entrepreneur simulation and an informative, engaging entrepreneurship video lesson, allowing students to learn and experience entrepreneurial concepts in a realistic setting.


The Entrepreneur simulation includes two levels: Basic and Advanced.


In Basic, students take on the role of an entrepreneur beginning their journey by opening a lemonade stand in a bustling city. They’re tasked with developing a satisfying recipe, managing inventory, setting prices, and more as they receive real-time feedback from customers and monitor their profits.


Students then level up by opening a kiosk or food truck, where the decisions represent a more complex business environment, but the rewards of greater profit are higher.


In Advanced, students take the experience they gain and progress to running a complete business. Students choose from several options including restaurants, online and retail stores, and more, each with their own unique challenges to overcome to build a thriving business. (Note: Entrepreneur Advanced also includes the lemonade stand and kiosk/food truck levels from Entrepreneur Basic.)

About the Simulation

Entrepreneur: A Real-life Entrepreneurial Experience for Students is the most engaging and realistic way for students to not just learn the concepts behind small business startup and operations, but to experience them for themselves.

Interactive Gameplay

This hands-on, interactive simulation creates a fun and engaging gamified learning experience that helps students gain knowledge and first-hand experience in entrepreneurship. The interactive gameplay lets students see the impact of their business decisions in real time and emphasizes the challenges entrepreneurs face every day.

Microlearning & Skill Assessment

The simulation also includes over 100 microlearning modules introducing business topics. Students learn key topics from videos and slides, then complete knowledge checks and assessments that are fully integrated into the simulation platform.


The simulation includes multiple assessment options to measure student performance and participation. All key performance metrics from students’ play is tracked and reported to instructors in the Instructor Dashboard. Performance indicators include Days in Business, Profit, Profit Margin, Customer Satisfaction, and much more that are automated and updated in real time.

Instructor Dashboard

Instructors are able to manage their class, invite students to participate in the simulation, and view a wealth of assessment and performance information from the feature-rich Instructor Dashboard.

What's Included

Entrepreneur: A Real-life Entrepreneurial Experience for Students includes a wealth of content and material to support students using the simulation to learn and master entrepreneurial concepts.

  • Entrepreneur Simulation
    • Interactive simulation, including the instructor dashboard, microlearning modules, and assessments.
  • When Am I Ever Going to Use Entrepreneurship? Video Lesson
    • An informative, engaging entrepreneurship video lesson and comprehension quiz.
  • Instructor Guide
    • A comprehensive Instructor Guide including a curriculum plan and details about how to administer the simulation in your class.
  • Additional Lessons & Activities
    • A collection of additional lessons and activities delivered via PDF offering opportunities to teach and assess entrepreneurial concepts outside of the simulation.
  • Video Library
    • A carefully curated library of inspiring entrepreneurial videos from around the web to enhance student learning.
  • Student Report Template
    • A slide show presentation template students can use to prepare an oral report reflecting on their experience playing the simulation.
  • Award Certificates
    • Printable certificates for rewarding student achievements.
Technology Specifications

Interactive simulations are delivered via an online subscription and are 100% web-based. There is no software to install, and simulations work on any operating system or modern web browser, including tablets and Chromebooks. All that is required is an internet connection.

  • 100% web-based
  • Accessible on any internet-enabled device
  • Simulation can be played at school or at home
  • Free and automatic software updates
Online Subscription Information

Interactive simulations are delivered via an online subscription.


Transferable Simulation Student License: One license is required per student per term within a given school year. Once a term is completed, licenses can be reused. The number of licenses required is equal to the maximum number of students using the simulation within one term. See example below:

Example to Determine Number of Simulation Licenses Required
  Semester 1
Student Enrollment
Semester 2
Student Enrollment
Simulation Licenses
Course A 60 30 60
Course B 90 90 90

Minimum: A minimum purchase of 15 licenses is required.

Term: Licenses are valid for 1 year (transferable term to term). Multi-year subscriptions are also available.

Instructor Resources: Included FREE for unlimited number of instructors. 

License Pricing: Pricing is determined by the number of licenses purchased. If the number of licenses you require exceeds the quantity displayed, call or email for volume pricing.


Grade: All

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SS-GOV-ENT-ADV-E30 Entrepreneur Advanced 30 Workstation License $1,499.00
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SS-GOV-ENT-BASIC-E30 Entrepreneur Basic 30 Workstation License $999.00
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