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The Restaurant Entrepreneur

An Integrated Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Computer Applications Simulation

Students start and run their own restaurant, creating all the documents needed to manage it successfully.


Embark on an entrepreneurial journey combining imagination, creativity, and computer skills. In The Restaurant Entrepreneur, students will start and run their own restaurant by creating all of the documents that a real restaurant would need to open its doors, from writing a radio commercial script to generating a revenue statement. Your students will love what’s on the menu in this exciting and inspiring entrepreneurial simulation.

  • Designed for all versions of Microsoft Office, Google Apps, or equivalent applications
  • Students are guided by teen restaurant entrepreneur Amanda Sanchez
  • Project Planning Forms help students create and design documents
Table of Contents


Project 1: Instructor Memo
Project 2: Restaurant Logo


Word Processing
Project 3: Letterhead
Project 4: Business Envelope
Project 5: Help Wanted Ad
Project 6: Employee Memo
Project 7: Press Release
Project 8: Social Media Marketing
Project 9: Promotional Flyer
Project 10: Radio Commercial Script
Project 11: Block Style Business Letter


Project 12: Employee Roster
Project 13: Music Playlist
Project 14: Equipment Inventory
Project 15: Menu Planner
Project 16: Employee Timesheet Schedule
Project 17: Revenue Projection


Project 18: Employee Database
Project 19: Business Networking Contacts


Desktop Publishing
Project 20: Business Card
Project 21: T-shirt
Project 22: Floor Plan
Project 23: Mobile App
Project 24: Takeout Menu


Project 25: Lobby Presentation
Project 26: Employee Orientation Presentation



Aligned to:


CCTC: Common Career Technical Core Standards


CCSS-R: Common Core: Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects - Grades 6-12


CCSS-A: Common Core: College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading - Grades 6-12


CCSS-W: Common Core: College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing - Grades 6-12


ISTE: International Society for Technology in Education - Health, Vocational Education and Computer Education/Instructional Technology Standards - Grades 6-12


Virginia: Keyboarding Applications, Keyboarding (Secondary)

FREE Online Instructor and Student Resources

The Free Online Instructor and Student Resources for The Restaurant Entrepreneur are housed on


Online Instructor and Student Resources Include:

  • Project Planning Forms
    • Project Planning Forms allow students to "map out" a project's content, design, and layout on paper first. Guiding questions help students brainstorm aspects of a project, while design areas allow them to begin sketching the project before designing on a computer.
  • Sample Documents
    • Teen restaurant owner Amanda Sanchez's documents accompany each project and are designed to provide students with inspiration and guidance as they complete projects tailored to their own restaurant. The Sample Documents can also be used as a guide for assessing student work.
  • Grading Rubric Tables and Form
  • Student Progress Checklist
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Teacher's Guide


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    Grade: 6-8, 9-12

    The Restaurant Entrepreneur (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
    ISBN: 9781626896604
    Author: Todd Toporski and the Development Team at B.E. Publishing
    © 2014
    Page Count: 96
    Print Color: Full Color

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