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Food Truck Entrepreneur

An Integrated Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Computer Applications Simulation

Students take the wheel in this exciting simulation!


Food Truck Entrepreneur places students in the driver’s seat as they use their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and computer applications skills to start and run their own food truck business. Guided by Anton D’Amico, owner of the successful Boston-based food truck The Lobstah Trap, students are challenged to turn a unique idea into their own mobile business. Using word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and presentations applications, students work to produce a range of professional documents they’ll need to make their start-up thrive. From creating a mouth-watering menu to designing a mobile app, students will be totally engaged as they learn first-hand how computer applications can be used to run a successful business. 

  • Designed for all versions of Microsoft Office, Google Apps, or equivalent applications
  • Includes over 30 engaging projects
  • Project Planning Forms help students create and design documents
  • Students are guided by a sample Food Truck Entrepreneur who provides advice and project samples
Table of Contents

Project 1: Instructor Memo
Project 2: Food Truck Logo
Project 3: Opening Day Prep List


Word Processing
Project 4: Permit Application
Project 5: Letterhead
Project 6: Business Card
Project 7: News Release
Project 8: Special Event Flyer
Project 9: Takeout Menu
Project 10: Customer Feedback Survey
Project 11: Company Newsletter
Project 12: Monthly Calendar
Project 13: Block Style Business Letter
Project 14: Recipe Cards
Project 15: Homepage Design


Project 16: Start-Up Expenses
Project 17: Health Inspection Checklist
Project 18: Supplier List
Project 19: Revenue Projections
Project 20: Social Media Engagement Report
Project 21: Population and Distance Chart
Project 22: Food Truck Comparison Shopping


Desktop Publishing
Project 23: Floor Plan
Project 24: Promotional Sidewalk Sign
Project 25: Festival Banner
Project 26: Food Truck Exterior Design
Project 27: Mobile App


Project 28: Menu Item Presentation
Project 29: Social Media Presentation
Project 30: Meet the Owner Interview
Project 31: Investor Pitch

FREE Online Instructor and Student Resources

The Free Online Instructor and Student Resources for Food Truck Entrepreneur are housed on


Online Instructor and Student Resources Include:

  • Project Planning Forms
    • Project Planning Forms allow students to "map out" a project's content, design, and layout on paper first. Guiding questions help students brainstorm aspects of a project, while design areas allow them to begin sketching the project before designing on a computer.
  • Student Sample Documents
    • Sample food truck owner Anton D'Amico's documents accompany each project and are designed to provide students with inspiration and guidance as they complete projects tailored to their own food truck. The Student Sample Documents can also be used as a guide for assessing student work.
  • Grading Rubrics and Form
  • Student Progress Checklist
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Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Food Truck Entrepreneur (Print) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626894969
Author: Elizabeth Folan and Rosemary Hemsell
© 2019
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 90
Print Color: Full Color
Binding: Softcover

Food Truck Entrepreneur (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896543
Author: Elizabeth Folan and Rosemary Hemsell
© 2019
Page Count: 90
Print Color: Full Color

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