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Meet Our Team

America's Career & Technical Education Publisher

For over 20 years, B.E. Publishing has made CTE (Career & Technical Education) its passion. Basically, CTE is all we all do. From product development to technical support and customer service, our dedicated team strives to meet and exceed the needs of the CTE community. When you use our products, you’ll feel the passion and experience of our writers; when you call us, you'll always talk to a real person eager to help. Our mission is to provide a seamless classroom experience, helping teachers teach and learners learn. Please take a moment to meet our team.

Mike Kathy John Mark
Mike Gecawich
Kathy Hicks
John DeCarli
Senior Content Manager
Mark Drake
Graphic Designer
Fernando Robin LaFaith Roz
Fernando Botelho
Graphic Designer
Robin Wardle
Education Sales Consultant
LaFaith Washington
Education Sales Consultant
Rosalind Thompson
National Health Science Sales Director
Patricia June Connie Erin
Patricia Hawksley
Customer Success Specialist
June Rocchio
Customer Success Specialist
Connie Laviolette
Customer Service Representative
Erin Figlock
Accounting & Human
 Rosemary Lisa
Joy Tavano
Author / Editor
Courtney Snyder
Author / Editor
Rosemary Hemsell
Author / Editor
Lisa Mulka
Amy Michaud-Wells