What Teachers Are Saying About B.E. Publishing...

"We have ordered many textbooks from you in the past two years and our students love them!"

Daniel K. Pastore
Business Education Teacher
Henry Hudson Regional School
Highlands, NJ

  "I love all of the materials I have purchased. I love the fact that your materials are geared to teenagers of today and the content interests them."

Karen Bell
Joliet High School
Joliet, MT

"So far, I love Edutyping! Initial setup was so easy. I am very impressed with the program. Good work B.E. Publishing!"

Tali Beaudean 
Saxony Lutheran High

  "I have used several of your products and have found them to be excellent for my business and technology classes."

Sharon Kubica
Business and Office Ed Teacher
St. Clairsville, OH

"Your products and customer service are fantastic!"

Sue Oberbeck
Nellsville School District
Nellsville, WI

  "EduTyping is a great program!"

Marie Paule
St. Ann Paul School

"I have been using your resources since I began teaching and they are super! Keep up the fantastic work!"

Gail Morris 
Business Education/Computer Instructor 
Kirk Middle School
Newark, DE

  "I have used the It! Series books in my computer classes this year. My students absolutely loved it. They were engaged in learning the teen-based material."

Molly Mowers
Business Department Chairperson
Fayetteville, PA

"My students and I love the Publish It! book ordered last year. They learned so much. They liked the activities because they could relate to them."

Karen Bates
Aubrey, TX

  "We just adopted your Excel It! and Word It! workbooks. They are the best MS Office textbooks we have seen. Students love them."

Tina Weaver
Madison County High School
Madison, WI

"I must tell you how GREAT your It! Series is. Your It! Series is by far the best I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been teaching. The step-by-step approach and the introduction of new skills is outstanding. It will be our recommendation that this series be adopted for the entire state of West Virginia."

Linda Maynard
Business Education Department
Spring Valley H.S.
Huntington, WV

  "I am a tech coordinator and Middle School Computer teacher in Cut Bank, MT. I have been using the Skateboards, Inc simulation with my 8th graders this year. I love it and so do my students. I needed to find an exciting, engaging program that taught my students Office 2007 in a unique way."

Lori Minnis
Tech Coordinator
Cut Bank School District 15
Cut Bank, MT

"We have adopted an all project-based learning curriculum in our school. Please know that your products are an ideal match for this type of real-world curriculum."

Evelyn Smith
Technology Teacher
Arlington High School
Indianapolis, IN

  "We purchased Skateboards, Inc. last year and really like it."

Kathy Bushbaum,
Business Instructor
Garner-Hayfield CSD
Garner, IA

"I ordered a set of Skateboards, Inc. books and my students really like them."

Denita White
Blytheville, AR

  "We are already using your Excel It! book. Looking in to purchasing the Word It! book."

Steve Shoun
Business Education Instructor
Tumwater High School
Tumwater, WA

"I have the Excel It! workbook and love it."

Glynda Maxey
Cheatham County Central High School
Ashland City, TN

  "We have been using ‘On Your Own Coast-to-Coast: A Personal Finance Adventure’ and the students absolutely love it. It teaches real-world skills in an interactive, fun way."

Carol Friberg
Curriculum Secretary
N St Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale ISD 622

"After writing a course for our school that has been certified, The Teen Entrepreneur simulation is a perfect match for our students."

Maryann M. Sebelist
Business Instructor
SIFE Fellow H.S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  "Concert Tour Desktop Publisher is a great simulation that keeps our students interested."

Debbie Schaffer
Computer Technology Instructor
Lebanon Technology and Career Center
Lebanon, MO

"We have ordered and used your It! books. One of the best workbooks I've seen for secondary students."

Randolph Pugh
Business Ed Teacher
Goose Creek High School
Goose Creek, SC


"I am using your Excel It! book and love it!"

Kay Copeland
LaGrange High School
LaGrange, GA

"Thank you! Your materials are excellent. I look forward to Access It! and PowerPoint It!"

Cheryl Kress
David Brearley High School
Kenilworth, NJ

  "I have used the Skateboards, Inc. simulation and have passed it on to other computer teachers at our school. I am very impressed with the concept."

John Boyd
Orosi High School
Orosi, CA

"I love all of your products!"

Naylene Richardson
Business Education Dept. Chair
C A Johnson Preparatory Academy
Columbia, SC

  "I have used your books before and just loved them."

Jeanell Maxie
Business Teacher
E. L. Furr High School
Houston, TX

"The It! Series is the first set of books for teaching technology that has really caught my attention and made me want to see more. Can't wait to start using them."

Cynthia Condie
Technology Teacher
Nursery ISD
Nursery, TX

  "The Excel It! book is working out very well with my students. The are excited about the ‘companies’ and work independently with such enthusiasm."

Neila McIntyre
Business Teacher
Dexter Regional High School
Dexter, ME

"I purchased Skateboards, Inc. last year and am using it as an end-of-the-year project this year. I LOVE IT! So do the kids! Thank you."

Sheri Poole
Technology Teacher
Borden County ISD
Gail, TX

  "I love The Teen Entrepreneur and Skateboards, Inc. simulations."

Carmen Miller
Jones County School District
Murdo, SD

"I currently use Frillio's Pizza and Ultimate Fitness in my classes and love your products!"

Rebecca Calomino
Business Education Teacher
Beecher High School
Beecher, IL

  "Thank you so much for your materials. Next year will be the third year I've used products from B.E. Publishing. I absolutely love the simulations, as do the students."

Jessica Parker
Business Education
Lindsay High School

"Thank you for providing the Business Education community with resources that are relevant to today's students and classroom."

Gina Lundquist
Bedford High School
Temperance, MI

  "The B.E. Publishing products are so awesome! I just love them and thank you for being so helpful in the examination process."

Lisa Ott
Department Chair, Business & Computer Educator
Hope-Page High School
Hope, ND

"I have viewed your texts and they are fantastic!"

Cindy Plant
Business Instructor
San Antonio, TX

  "I have previously ordered the Frillio's Pizza simulation book for my class. It's very exciting!"

Shana Sweeney
Business Education Teacher
Greenville High School
Greenville, SC

"We have recently purchased classroom sets of both Word It! and Excel It! books. The kids love these books. Thank You!"

Joyce Landrum
Business Education Teacher
Corbin, KY

  "I have Excel It! and love it...the students enjoy the 'real-life' examples."

Casey Ellis
Lawrenceburg, TN

"We have used Concert Tour and it's great!"

Joyce Kemp
Digital Arts Instructor
Northwest Technical Center
St. Albans, VT

  "I love all of your materials!!!"

Melinda Sloan-Brown
CTE Teacther
Mount Juliet, TN

"I think that your resources are outstanding!"

Terry Remington
Business Ed. Teacher
Edwards-Knox Central School
Russell, NY

  "I have read different books of yours and have really liked what you have created. They really offer the kids hands on learning opportunities."

Eric Wagner
Marketing Teacher
Northmont High School
Clayton, OH

"I have ordered copies of Excel It! and Publish It! for my self-paced computer classes at our continuation high school. These have both been excellent texts for individualized student work. Students progress rapidly and feel very successful."

Libby Clark
Sem Yeto High School
Fairfield, CA

  "We use The Teen Entrepreneur, Concert Tour, and Skateboards, Inc…LOVE them all!"

Jessica Parker
Business Education Dept.
Lindsay High School
Lindsay, OK