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Meet Our Founder

Michael Gecawich

President / Founder of B.E. Publishing (and Former CTE Educator)

Michael was a successful business education teacher for 17 years, during which time his passion and energy for teaching earned him both state and national level recognition, including being a finalist for Disney’s American Teacher Award.

It was this very dedication and enthusiasm for teaching students the importance of Business Education that ultimately led him to want to expand his reach to students beyond the classroom. This led to the founding of B.E. Publishing over 20 years ago, allowing him to bring his teaching talents to a national student audience. What started with a newsletter to Business Education teachers has now become a leading publishing company of Career and Technical Education products to over 18,000 schools across the United States.

As President of B.E. Publishing, Michael continues to engage and listen to the Business Education community by attending and speaking at numerous conferences every year.

Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education at Widener University and a Master’s in Information Technology from Johnson & Wales University. He has authored and assisted in the publishing of numerous textbooks and continues to lead the development of all products by B.E. Publishing.