Meet Our Founder - Michael Gecawich

Michael Gecawich

Michael Gecawich

President & CEO of
B.E. Publishing
(Former CTE Educator)

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To say teaching is my passion would be an understatement; teaching has been the through-line of my entire life. Starting where many with a love for education do, I began my career in the classroom. For over 17 years, I taught Career & Technical education, earning state and national recognition including nominations for Disney’s American Teacher Award and being selected by my students as Teacher of the Year three times. But that was only the beginning of my journey.

When I founded B. E. Publishing and over two decades ago, I had no idea we would one day become a leading publisher of CTE products. Now, over 18,000 schools across the United States use our content. What began as a few simple classroom projects has bloomed into a platform to contribute to the CTE arena on a national scale.

With B. E. Publishing, my focus is on creating the best CTE learning materials — not just for students, but for fellow teachers as well. Over the years, I’ve authored and assisted in publishing numerous textbooks and products. And to this day, I still lead the vision and creativity of all our resources.

Even with my full plate, I make it a point to stay immersed in the CTE teaching community, attending and speaking at numerous conferences each year. Meeting others who share a passion for CTE education never ceases to inspire and motivate me, and I’m always excited to connect with fellow educators.