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Principles of Marketing

Introducing students to foundational marketing skills relevant to today's global economy

We have partnered with Precision Exams by correlating to the Standards, Objectives, and Indicators for ;Precision Exams Certification in Marketing Introduction, Marketing I, and Marketing II.

Part of the Skills for Life CTE Series

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As part of the Skills for Life CTE Series, Principles of Marketing explores foundational marketing concepts relevant to today’s global economy. By emphasizing how marketing impacts businesses and influences our daily lives, this textbook introduces real-world skills that students will use in the classroom, the workplace, and beyond. 


Principles of Marketing leads students to a thorough understanding of product, price, place, and promotion—the 4 P’s of marketing. In addition, students will learn how marketers conduct research, make decisions, and strategize to help sell goods and services, and will use this knowledge to complete a comprehensive marketing plan for a company. The skills introduced in this textbook will help students make informed choices as consumers and plan for future careers in business and marketing.

  • Students create and develop a detailed marketing plan portfolio
  • End-of-chapter review activities and chapter assessments test students’ knowledge
  • Text correlates to the Precision Exams Certifications in Marketing Introduction, Marketing I, and Marketing II
  • Meets 100% of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for Practicum in Marketing
Table of Contents

Unit 1: Business and Marketing 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business and Marketing 

Chapter 2: Marketing Plan 

Chapter 3: Characteristics of Business 

Chapter 4: Economic Considerations 

Chapter 5: Marketing in a Global Economy 

Chapter 6: Ethical and Lawful Practices 


Unit 2: Market Research 

Chapter 7: Marketing Information Management 

Chapter 8: Target Market 


Unit 3: Marketing Mix 

Chapter 9: Product Mix 

Chapter 10: Product Strategies 

Chapter 11: Determining Price 

Chapter 12: Pricing Strategies 

Chapter 13: Place 

Chapter 14: Promotion and Advertising 

Chapter 15: Personal Selling 


Unit 4: Marketing Management 

Chapter 16: Interpersonal Skills

Chapter 17: Communication 

Chapter 18: Social Media Savvy 


Unit 5: Financial Planning 

Chapter 19: Budgeting 

Chapter 20: Evaluating Risks 


Unit 6: Career Development 

Chapter 21: Planning for Employment 

Chapter 22: Career Success 

FREE Online Instructor and Student Resources

The free Online Instructor and Student Resources for Principles of Marketing are housed on and include a wealth of activities and assessments that challenge students to demonstrate their understanding of chapter material. Students will collaborate and communicate in a variety of settings, including written essays, presentations, and creative projects. In addition, Principles of Marketing features a cumulative portfolio project in which students develop a complete marketing plan for the fictional athletic company, Live Athletics.


Online Instructor and Student Resources Include:

  • Chapter Review Activities and Answer Keys
    • Define Key Terms - Students define the key terms presented in each chapter, helping them to prepare for the Chapter Assessment.
    • Test Your Knowledge - Students demonstrate their comprehension of chapter topics by
      completing a series of short answer questions.
    • Read and Write - Students apply their understanding of the concepts presented in the
      chapter by responding to a writing prompt.
    • Listen and Speak - Students demonstrate their knowledge of the chapter by planning and
      presenting an informal presentation.
    • Create and Design - Students utilize creative thinking skills and develop innovative ideas in designing and creating a variety of projects related to marketing.
    • Build It - Students create components of a marketing plan that will be assembled and reviewed in a portfolio at the end of the book.
  • Chapter Review Rubrics
  • Chapter Assessments and Answer Keys
  • PowerPoint Teaching Tools
  • Discussion Topics and Questions
    • Each chapter begins with a series of topics and questions to engage students with chapter content and foster classroom discussions.

PowerPoint Teaching Tools

The PowerPoint Teaching Tools are the perfect supporting resource to help instructors present the key concepts of each chapter to the class. Each slide show begins with chapter objectives and engaging discussion questions to spark students’ interest and encourage classroom dialog. Essential chapter elements and ideas are outlined to be presented prior to or as students progress through the chapter, including important graphics like tables, charts, and other key data. All PowerPoints are flexible and editable to allow for adding slides and speaker notes, or modifying any content to best fit curriculum needs.


Download Sample:

Chapter 1 PowerPoint Teaching Tool

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Grade: 9-12

Principles of Marketing (Print) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626893368
Author: Lisa Mulka
© 2019
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 408
Print Color: Full Color
Binding: Hardcover

Principles of Marketing (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896710
Author: Lisa Mulka
© 2019
Page Count: 408
Print Color: Full Color

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