Popcorn Cinema

A Computer Applications Simulation


Popcorn Cinema is a popular movie theater chain based in Chicago, Illinois. The owners have recently announced the opening of the fifth Popcorn Cinema location, which will be located in Madison, Wisconsin. Due to its expansion, Popcorn Cinema has the need for a Computer Applications Specialist to assist in creating documents important to the success of the business.


In this exciting simulation, students will learn what happens “behind the curtain” while working for a movie theater franchise. From creating a news release and movie e-review, to designing a gift card and analyzing ticket sales, students will be fully engaged as they complete real-world tasks that assist in the operations of Popcorn Cinema.

  • Teaches students how to apply word processing, spreadsheet, database, digital publishing, and presentation skills in a real-world simulation
  • Projects can be completed using any version of Microsoft Office or Google Applications
  • Student and Instructor Resources include downloadable business logos for creating professionally-styled documents
Table of Contents

Curriculum Guide

Unit 1: Word Processing

Project 1 Business Letterhead

Project 2 Business Letter

Project 3 Concessions Items List

Project 4 Employment Application

Project 5 Pop Your Fridays News Release

Project 6 Ticket Kiosk Memo

Project 7 Movie e-Review

Project 8 Popcorn Club Newsletter

Project 9 Movie Premieres Calendar


Unit 2: Spreadsheets

Project 10 Movie Trailers List

Project 11 Ticket Sales Analysis

Project 12 Concessions Sales

Project 13 Midnight Madness Attendance

Project 14 Employee Schedule

Project 15 Social Media Schedule


Unit 3: Presentations

Project 16 Movie Trivia

Project 17 While You Wait Promos

Project 18 Lobby Promo


Unit 4: Desktop Publishing

Project 19 Red Carpet Event Flyer

Project 20 Gift Card

Project 21 Cinema Etiquette

Project 22 Midnight Madness Ticket

Project 23 U Pick 3 Promo

Project 24 Popcorn Bucket Design


Unit 5: Databases

Project 25 Membership Database

Project 26 Vendor List

Project 27 Coming Soon Movies


Unit 6: Forms

Project 28 Movie Buff Survey

Project 29 New Releases Survey

Online Student and Instructor Resources

The Online Instructor and Student Resources for Popcorn Cinema are housed on eReadiness.com


Online Instructor and Student Resources (Required) Include:

  • Project Answer Keys
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Grading Form
  • Grading Rubric Tables
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Student Progress Checklist
  • Logos
    • Many projects require students to insert the Popcorn Cinema logo to create professionally-styled documents.
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  • Instructor Resources: Included free for unlimited number of instructors; lifetime access.
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Grade: 6-8, 9-12

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Author: Diane M. Silvia
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