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Election Connection Desktop Publishing Simulation

An Election Campaign Design Simulation

Students use their desktop publishing skills as they become marketing and design campaign managers


In Election Connection, your students gain real-world design and marketing skills in the political campaign process. Election Connection creates a scenario where students take on the role of a marketing and design campaign manager for a candidate (of their choice) running for office.

Whether it is for a classmate running for a school office, or a local candidate running for town council, your students will develop the campaign materials used to promote their candidate. Throughout the simulation, students are guided step-by-step in creating an assortment of documents for their political candidate’s campaign. Creativity, design, marketing, and page layout skills are challenged as students receive hands-on experience in applying desktop publishing skills to a real-world political campaign.

  • Can be used with any DTP software and even MS Word
  • Ideal for desktop publishing, marketing, and even social studies courses
  • Hands-on practice in using and applying desktop publishing and marketing skills in a political election campaign
  • Non-consumable workbooks
  • Fully customizable (complete all the projects or select those that meet your course objectives)
  • Completion Time: 11 - 15 hours
Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction
1.1 Welcome to Election Connection
1.2 Your Role as the Campaign Designer
1.3 Skills You'll Be Using to Meet the Challenges That Lie Ahead
1.4 How Campaigns are Similar to Product Marketing
1.5 Understanding How Elections Work
1.6 What You'll Be Asked to Design
1.7 Prerequisite Skills
1.8 Materials Required to Complete This Simulation

Section 2: Understanding the Format of This Book
2.1 How Each Project is Organized
2.2 Saving Your Project Files
2.3 Using the Candidate Planning Form
2.4 Using the Document Planning Form
2.5 Meet the Sample Candidates

Section 3: How to Design Great Campaign Documents
3.1 Desktop Publishing Design Tips and Guidelines
3.2 What to Say to Make Your Candidate Shine!

Section 4: Get Out the Vote
Project 1: Select Your Candidate
Project 2: The Campaign Logo
Project 3: Letterhead Staionery
Project 4: Your Candidate's Business Card
Proejct 5: Campaign Bumper Sticker
Project 6: Campaign Lawn Sign
Project 7: Supporter "Vote" Button
Project 8: Campaign Rally Banner
Project 9: Fundraiser Tent Card
Project 10: Campaign Newsletter
Project 11: Newspaper Advertisement
Project 12: Candy Bar Wrapper

Skills Covered

Real-world experiences in the following skills:

  • Page layout and design
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing and proofreading
  • Establishing a candidate's indentity
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Planning and decision-making
  • Completing a comprehensive project
  • Searching and using content from the Internet
FREE Online Instructor and Student Resources

The free Online Instructor and Student Resources for Election Connection are housed on


Online Instructor and Student Resources Include:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Grading and Assessment Forms and Rubrics
  • Reproducible Document Planning Forms for Students
    • The Candidate Planning Form assists students in selecting their candidate, while the Document Planning Form allows students to plan each document on paper before starting to design on the computer.
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Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Election Connection Desktop Publishing Simulation (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896659
Author: Based on the practices of Delda L. Hagin
© 2010
Time: 11-15 Hour(s)
Page Count: 72
Print Color: BW

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