Frillio's Pizza Desktop Publishing Simulation

A Desktop Publishing Simulation That's as Good as Pizza


In this fun and exciting real world simulation, students become the hired desktop publishers for Frillio's Pizza, a new restaurant about to open its doors to the public for business. Throughout the simulation, students are guided step-by-step in creating an assortment of documents for Frillio's Pizza.

Creativity, design, and page layout skills are challenged as students receive hands-on experience in applying desktop publishing skills to a real world business. From designing a menu to creating promotional punch cards, students get hands-on practice in using and applying desktop publishing skills.

  • Designed for any DTP software
  • Integrates with FrilliosPizza.com, giving students access to tools and free clipart
Table of Contents

Part 1: Design or Download the Frillio’s Pizza Logo
Part 2: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Stationery
   2A: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Letterhead
   2B: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Envelope
   2C: Design Joe Frillio’s Business Card
Part 3: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Place Mat
Part 4: Design a Coupon Flyer
Part 5: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Menu
Part 6: Create the Grand Opening Advertisement
Part 7: Design a Refrigerator Magnet
Part 8: Design the Frillio’s Pizza Takeout Menu Brochure
Part 9: Create a Bumper Sticker
Part 10: Create an Hours of Operation Sign
Part 11: Create a “Pizza Club” Promotional Punch Card
Part 12: Create a Cup Coaster
Part 13: Create a Gift Certificate
Part 14: Frillio’s Pizza T-shirt Design on a Flyer
Bonus #1: Create a Poster
Bonus #2: Create a T-shirt Raffle Entry Form
Bonus #3: Create an Employment Application Form

Skills Covered
    • Page layout & design skills
    • Using graphic images and objects
    • Creativity and imagination
    • Technical writing & critical thinking
    • Establishing a real world business identity
    • Advertising & marketing
    • Planning & decision-making
    • Completing a real world comprehensive project
    Instructor Resources
    • Grading rubrics
    • Grading forms
    • Completion timeline table
    • Sample designs of each document from the student workbook


    Grade: 6-8, 9-12

    Frillio's Pizza, 2E (Print) - Min. 15 (Print)
    ISBN: 978-1-934422-07-6
    Author: Michael Gecawich
    © 2008
    Size: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 112
    Print Color: BW
    Binding: Spiral Bound

    Frillio's Pizza, 2E (eText - Lifetime School License) (Digital)
    ISBN: 978-1-626890-07-7
    Author: Michael Gecawich
    © 2008
    Page Count: 112

    Frillio's Pizza, 2E (eText - Lifetime District License) (Digital)
    ISBN: 978-1-626890-42-8
    Author: Michael Gecawich
    © 2008
    Page Count: 112

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