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Business & Professional Communications

Preparing students with fundamental business and professional communication skills for today's mobile and digital workplace

We have partnered with Precision Exams by correlating to the Standards, Objectives, and Indicators for Precision Exams Certification in Business Communication I & II.


In Business & Professional Communications, students will explore vital topics such as employment opportunities, interview skills, presentation strategies, and much more. Not only will students learn about opportunities in training, education, and certifications for employment, but they will also learn and demonstrate professional standards and personal qualities needed to be employable in today’s job market.

From soft skills, interpersonal communication, and leadership traits, to writing business documents and delivering effective presentations, students will receive a thorough understanding of how to effectively communicate in a professional setting. End-of-chapter reviews and hands-on projects ensure that students are able to understand the topics at hand. This graphically illustrated textbook brings professional communication concepts to life as it helps students prepare for their future.

  • End-of-chapter review activities and chapter assessments test students’ knowledge
  • Students learn and demonstrate proficiency in communication through writing, presentations, research, and more
  • Challenges students’ critical thinking, writing, editing, technology, collaboration, and communication skills
  • Practical case studies embedded in each chapter
  • Text correlates to the Precision Exams Certification in Business Communication I & II 
  • Meets 100% of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for Professional Communications
Table of Contents

Unit 1: Foundations of Professional Communication
Chapter 1: Communicating in the Workplace and the World
Chapter 2: Types of Communication and Language
Chapter 3: Communication Model

Unit 2: Engaging in Professional Communication:Reading and Writing
Chapter 4: Reading
Chapter 5: Writing Mechanics and Grammar
Chapter 6: Informal Writing
Chapter 7: Formal Writing

Unit 3: Engaging in Professional Communication:Speaking and Listening
Chapter 8: Informal Speaking
Chapter 9: Formal Speaking
Chapter 10: Active Listening

Unit 4: Preparing for Professional Communication
Chapter 11: Exploring Professional Opportunities
Chapter 12: Preparing for an Interview
Chapter 13: Teamwork

Unit 5: Mastering Professional Communication
Chapter 14: Leadership
Chapter 15: Management Skills
Chapter 16: Workplace Culture

Online Instructor and Student Resources

The Online Instructor and Student Resources for Business & Professional Communications are required and include a wealth of activities and assessments that challenge students to demonstrate their understanding of chapter material. Students will collaborate and communicate in a variety of settings, including written essays, presentations, and creative projects. In addition, instructors have access to comprehensive assessments of each chapter's content.


Resources for this textbook are housed on our interactive digital eLearning platform, eCTE


Online Instructor and Student Resources (Required) Include:

  • Teacher Edition eText (5 Year License)
  • Chapter Review Activities and Answer Keys
    • Define Key Terms - Students define the key terms presented in each chapter, helping them to prepare for the Chapter Assessment.
    • Test Your Knowledge - Students demonstrate their comprehension of chapter topics by
      completing a series of short answer questions.
    • Read and Write - Students apply their understanding of the concepts presented in the
      chapter by responding to a writing prompt.
    • Listen and Speak - Students demonstrate their knowledge of the chapter by planning and
      presenting an informal presentation.
    • Create and Design - Students utilize creative thinking skills and develop innovative ideas in designing and creating a variety of projects.
  • Chapter Review Rubrics
  • Chapter Assessments and Answer Keys
  • Discussion Topics and Questions
    • Each chapter begins with a series of topics and questions to engage students with chapter content and foster classroom discussions.
eText License Information

eTexts are housed in our interactive digital eLearning platform, eCTE.  

  • Each eText license code, once redeemed, is valid for 1 year or 6 months from the date of first log in
  • One license code is required per student
  • Unused license codes do not expire and can be redeemed at any time
  • A minimum order of 10 license codes is required

About Our Digital Platform eCTE

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    Grade: 9-12

    Textbook (Min. 10) (Print)
    ISBN: 978-1-626892-54-5
    Author: Lisa Mulka
    © 2018
    Size: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 240
    Print Color: Full Color
    Binding: Hardcover

    Student eText (Min. 10) (eCTE.com)
    ISBN: 978-1-62689-273-6
    Author: Lisa Mulka
    © 2018

    Student eText (Min. 10) (eCTE.com)
    ISBN: 978-1-62689-437-2
    Author: Lisa Mulka
    © 2018

    Online Instructor + Student Resources (Required) (eCTE.com)
    ISBN: 978-1-626892-57-6
    Author: Lisa Mulka
    © 2018

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