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Formatting Business Documents

Practice Lessons for Word Processing Applications

Students practice formatting the most common business documents using any word processing application.


Formatting Business Documents teaches the guidelines for formatting 16 of the most common business documents. From resumés and cover letters, to business letters and memos, students gain hands-on word processing skills to produce professionally written and formatted documents needed in their future business careers. Real-world scenarios highlight relevant, accessible topics and content. Designed for all versions of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or equivalent applications.

Using real-world scenarios, students will learn the importance of how writing effectively and formatting documents properly is an essential ingredient to the success of their professional growth. From resumes, cover letters, and memos, Formatting Business Documents is a staple resource and learning tool for every student.

  • Use with any version of any word processing application (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Pages, etc.)
  • Teaches students standard acceptable formats for 16 of the most common business documents
  • Visual illustrations of proper document format
  • Designed with teen-based content for maximum interest level
  • Aligned with NBEA (National Business Education Standards)
  • Cross-curriculum themes and technical writing for Common Core Standards inclusion
  • Designed for secondary level students
Table of Contents

Curriculum Guide

Includes the following projects (optional assessments available):

  1. Memo
  2. Block Style Business Letter
  3. Modified Block Style Letter
  4. Personal Business Letter
  5. Envelope
  6. Business Letterhead
  7. News Release
  8. Resume
  9. Cover Letter
  10. Outline
  11. MLA Style Report
  12. Works Cited Page
  13. Agenda
  14. E-mail
  15. Table of Contents
  16. Meeting Minutes
Topics & Themes

Each document includes content focused on topics and themes students will instantly connect with.

Sample topics and document themes include:

  • School policy memo
  • Backstage concert pass letter
  • Celebrity business letter
  • Personal business letter
  • Product complaint letter
  • Teacher letter of recommendation request
  • Letterhead for student’s dream business
  • Creating a resume and cover letter for a fictional character
  • Outline MLA report on cyberspace
  • Agenda for a school assembly
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of e-mail etiquette
  • And more!
FREE Online Instructor Resources

The Free Online Instructor Resources for Formatting Business Documents are housed on


Online Instructor Resources Include:

  • Curriculum Guide
  • Lesson Answer Keys
  • Written Assessments and Answer Keys
    • Written Assessments measure students' comprehension of the importance and features of each business document introduced in the book. Question types include true/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank.
  • Performance Assessments and Answer Keys
    • Performance Assessments measure students' ability to create each document introduced in the book.
  • Student Progress Checklist
  • Certificate of Completion
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Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Formatting Business Documents (Print) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781934422502
Author: Joy Tavano
© 2013
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 80
Print Color: 2-Color
Binding: Spiral Bound

Formatting Business Documents (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896550
Author: Joy Tavano
© 2013
Page Count: 80
Print Color: 2-Color

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