Ultimate Fitness

A Web Site Design Simulation Where Students Are the Lead Designers

Your Web site design students have a new client...
Ultimate Fitness!


Ultimate Fitness brings the real world of Web page design to your students. In this simulation, the student takes on the role of the chief Web designer for Ultimate Fitness, a health and fitness club in need of obtaining a Web presence.

Students are given the necessary content, information, images, and instructions to build a comprehensive, multi-page Web site for Ultimate Fitness. The simulation will challenge students to use their Web site design skills and creativity to build a Web site from scratch. Students follow a self-paced instructional program and receive guidance from the instructor.


Developed for use with industry-standard Web site design software. This fun and exciting simulation is designed for Web site design students of all levels. Your students will take on the role of a real Web site designer for their client, Ultimate Fitness.

Ultimate Fitness is a health and fitness establishment located in New York City that provides a state-of-the-art health and fitness facility to its members. Throughout the simulation, students are challenged to use their creativity, imagination, planning, and Web site design skills to create a comprehensive, professional Web site.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction
1.1 Welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Web Site Design Simulation
1.2 Your role as the Ultimate Fitness Web site designer
1.3 The skills you will be using in this simulation
1.4 Prerequisite knowledge to complete this simulation
1.5 What you will need to complete this simulation
1.6 Web page design software notes
1.7 Quick summary of the individual parts of this simulation
1.8 Installing the Ultimate Fitness Resource CD
1.9 A note to the instructor

Section 2: Getting to Know Your Client
2.1 The importance of getting to know your client
2.2 Background information about Ultimate Fitness

Section 3: Using this Book and the Ultimate Fitness Resource CD
3.1 Understanding the format of this book
3.2 Sidebar margin notations
3.3 Using the Ultimate Fitness Resource CD
3.4 Contents of the Ultimate Fitness Resource CD

Section 4: Overview of the Ultimate Fitness Web Site
4.1 The Web site needs of Ultimate Fitness
4.2 Intended goals of the Ultimate Fitness Web site
4.3 How the Ultimate Fitness Web site will be organized and structured

Section 5: Web Site Design Rules
5.1 The importance of following Web site design rules
5.2 Web site design rules

Section 6: The Individual Parts of the Simulation
Part 1: Getting Started by Planning and Organizing Your Web Site
Part 2: Design and Build the Shared Navigation Areas
Part 3: Design and Build the Homepage
Part 4: Design and Build the Facilities Page
Part 5: Design and Build the About Us Page
Part 6: Design and Build the Membership Plans Page
Part 7: Design and Build the Fitness Tips Pages
Part 8: Design and Build the Class Schedule Page
Part 9: Design and Build the Contact Us Page
Part 10: Design and Build the Resources Page Conclusion

Skills Covered
  • Planning, designing, and building a Web site navigation structure
  • Creating and designing Web site buttons and graphic images
  • Web page layout and design
  • Using e-mail and graphic image hyperlinks
  • Using and formatting tables
  • Producing and editing Web graphic images
  • Technical writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Planning and decision-making
  • Establishing a professional business Web presence
  • The ability to use Web design skills to complete a comprehensive real-world Web site design project
Instructor Resources (Required)

Instructor Resource are delivered on a USB drive and include the following:

  • Ultimate Fitness Logos for students to use in building their websites
  • Hi-Res Fitness-related Images for students to use in building their websites
  • Student Documents & Handouts 
  • Instructor Guide
  • Grading Forms 


eBook License

eBook is in PDF format and delivered on a USB drive. This lifetime license permits unlimited seat install/unlimited printing for either one school or one district (based on license ordered).


Grade: 9-12

Ultimate Fitness Student Textbook (Print) - Min. 10 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-972133-15-9
Author: Michael Gecawich
© 2005
Time: 30-32 Hour(s)
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 128
Print Color: 2-Color
Binding: Softcover

Ultimate Fitness Student Textbook (eBook-Lifetime School License) (Digital)
ISBN: 978-1-934422-71-7
Author: Michael Gecawich
© 2005

Ultimate Fitness Student Textbook (eBook-Lifetime District License) (Digital)
ISBN: 978-1-626890-45-9
Author: Michael Gecawich
© 2005

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