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Web Hot Shots, Inc.

A web site design simulation

Students meet three clients who have contracted Web Hot Shots, Inc.
to build a Web site for their respective business.


Web Hot Shots is a classroom simulation that gives students hands-on experience working as professional Web site designers for real-world business clients. Web Hot Shots, Inc., a full-service Web design company, assigns students to take on the role of Lead Web Designer to work with three clients who have decided to have Web sites created for their respective businesses.

This learn-by-doing approach gives students experience in all phases of the Web design development process. The book contains three clients who have contracted Web Hot Shots, Inc. to build a Web site for their respective business. Students are presented with a pre-completed Client Design packet, which they analyze and evaluate to create the client’s Web site.

  • Designed for any Web design and Web imaging software
  • Works with either point-and-click or HTML-based Web software
  • Requires any Web imaging software application
  • Downloadable forms, logos, and instructor resources
  • Format simulates a real client-to-designer development experience
  • Based on a real Web design firm’s work flow
Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to Web Hot Shots

You’re Hired!  

How Web Hot Shots Works  

Basic Web Design Rules


Pampered Pups
Web Content

DJ Turntable
Web Content

Joe the Plumber
Web Content


Web Design Standards and Skills

Projects Included

In the simulation, students are "contracted" out to build professional websites for the following three clients:

1. DJ Turntable: A musical event disc jockey business.

2. Joe the Plumber: A sole proprietorship plumbing business.

3. Pampered Pups: A pet grooming service.

FREE Online Instructor and Student Resources

The free Online Instructor and Student Resources for Web Hot Shots are housed on


The student resources include:

  • Client logos and planning forms the student can download for each project

The instructor resources (password protected) include:

  • Planning forms for each project
  • Web design samples that can be viewed or printed for each project
  • Grading rubrics, forms, and a project completion certificate for each project
  • Student handouts
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Grade: 9-12

Web Hot Shots (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896673
Author: Denise Mancieri
© 2012
Page Count: 95
Print Color: BW

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