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You Be the Judge!

A Case Studies Workbook in Business & Consumer Law

Includes real court cases that teens will find interesting to read, analyze, and render judgments!


You Be the Judge! is a comprehensive collection of real-world case studies where students, based on their knowledge of the law, act as the judge and render a decision for either the plaintiff or the defendant. Whether it is a case of an injured cheerleader, fireworks in school, or teenagers wreaking havoc in a store, students will feel as if they are actually in the courtroom as they become the law expert in each case. Each case includes an objective, topics covered, background information, introduction to concepts, the issue, the case, and perforated question and answer forms.

  • Includes 20 real business and consumer law cases
  • Students demonstrate their understanding of the major concepts covered in a standard Business/Consumer Law curriculum
  • A great assessment, supplement, and/or homework resource
Includes cases that teens will find interesting to read, analzye, and judge, such as:
  • Makeup Madness!
  • You Can’t Wear That to School
  • High School Locker Search
  • Battle of the Bags
  • The Tumbled Cheerleader
  • Fireworks at School
  • Don’t Mess With My Friends
  • Teen’s First Car
  • Grain Alcohol and “Fire Play”
  • Parking Lot Attack
  • Teens Wreak Havoc in a Store
  • The Alligator Bites Back
  • The Catalog Fight
  • To Will or Not to Will
Table of Contents

Curriculum Guide

  1. Commonwealth v. Snyder
  2. M.D., a minor, v. Morgan Hill Unified School District
  3. State v. Stallman
  4. People v. William D.
  5. Mattel, Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, Inc.
  6. Sharon v. City of Newton
  7. Bowling v. Sperry
  8. Holmes v. Lerner
  9. Selwyn v. Ward
  10. Tobin v. Norwood Country Club, Inc.
  11. Johnston v. Poulin
  12. Volpe v. Gallagher
  13. Nicholson v. Bd. Of Educ. of the City of New York
  14. Nivens v. 7-11 Hoagy’s Corner
  15. Medley v. Home Depot, Inc.
  16. Sollami v. Eaton
  17. Malletier v. Dooney & Bourke, Inc.
  18. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc. v. American Eagle Outfitters
  19. Lacoste Alligator, S.A. v. Bluestein’s Men’s Wear, Inc.
  20. American Heart Association v. County of Greenville
Concepts Covered
  1. Contract Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Civil Law and Procedures
  5. Consumer Law
  6. Law of Torts
  7. Wills, Trusts and Estates
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Grade: 9-12

You Be the Judge! (Print) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781934422236
Author: Michael K. Glucksman, Esq.
© 2011
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 160
Print Color: BW
Binding: Softcover

You Be the Judge! (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896697
Author: Michael K. Glucksman, Esq.
© 2011
Page Count: 160
Print Color: BW

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