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Learn-by-Doing: Microsoft Excel 2013

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Includes over 30 hands-on lessons and unit assessments designed for today's interactive, visual learner.

Perfect for Office 365

Part of the Microsoft Office Learn-by-Doing Series


Learn-by-Doing: Microsoft Excel 2013 is one of the five titles in the Learn-by-Doing: Microsoft Office 2013 Series where students are introduced to Microsoft Excel 2013 using a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach.

This textbook uses school and workplace themed lessons to introduce students to the powerful tools and features of Microsoft Excel 2013. Each new set of Excel 2013 skills are clearly explained using a step-by-step, illustrated format that makes learning come to life for the student. 

Learn-by-Doing: Microsoft Excel 2013 (Level 1) is designed to be used by students enrolled in a computer applications course that includes spreadsheets in its curriculum. The lessons in this book build upon one another. Skills and features are presented in an order ranging from basic to intermediate.



• Aligned to Common Core Standards
• Designed and formatted for today’s interactive, visual learner
• Teaches students basic to intermediate Microsoft Excel 2013 skills
• Lesson content is customized with school and workplace themes
• Includes over 30 easy-to-follow lessons
• Includes a comprehensive Curriculum Guide for mapping skills
• Written and Performance Unit Assessments included with the Instructor Resources

Table of Contents (Condensed)

Curriculum Guide

Unit 1: Worksheet Basics

Unit 2: Formatting Dat

Unit 3: Page Layout Options

Unit 4: Working with Numbers & Formulas

Unit 5: Working with Shapes & Elements

Unit 6: Working with Charts & Graphs



Online Student and Instructor Resources

Student and Instructor Resources for this textbook are housed on our interactive digital eLearning platform, eCTE.com.


Instructor Resources Include:

  • Lesson Source and Solution Filess
  • Unit Performance Assessments (PDF format); Source and Solution Files
  • Unit Written Assessments and Solutions (PDF format)

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        Grade: 6-8, 9-12

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