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Real-world Reinforcement Activities for First-Year Accounting Students

Get your students excited about accounting with Accountivities — a new resource developed to provide reinforcement activities for the first year accounting student.


Accountivities is a collection of 30 activities designed to reinforce the accounting skills learned in a first year accounting course. Students are taken beyond the regimented format of textbook assignments and are challenged to think about the task at hand and the role the accounting process plays in businesses.

  • Provides real-world accounting practice working with a variety of different business models.
  • Students perform financial analysis using performance ratios.
  • Provides exposure to using multiple journal formats. Includes three comprehensive activities that are great for cycle assessments.
  • Follows a standard Accounting I curriculum.
  • All working papers are included with each activity (perforated).
Table of Contents

Curriculum Guide


1. Who Owns It? (Recommending a form of business ownership)
2. Organize Me (Recommending a form of business ownership)

1. You Run It! (Analyzing transactions and calculating profit) 
2. Joe’s Tow-n-Go (Analyzing transactions and calculating profit) 
3. Mission Organization (Preparing a chart of accounts) 
4. “At Your Service” (Preparing a chart of accounts and analyzing the result) 
5. T-Time (Using T-accounts to analyze business transactions) 
6. WallArt (Analyzing and journalizing business transactions) 
7. Different Journals, Same Result (Journalizing with different formats)
8. Gecko Graphics (Posting with T-accounts) 
9. Find the Errors (Testing your auditing skills) 
10. KG & Co. (Posting with subsidiary ledgers) 
11. Checking Up (Reconciling a company’s checking account)
12. Cash Out! (Recommending cash controls and managing petty cash) 
13. RL Tours (Preparing financial statements for a sole proprietor)
14. Illusion Sound Effects (Preparing a worksheet and financial statements)
15. Surf’s Up (Preparing and analyzing a worksheet for a merchandising business) 
16. DeZigns, Inc. (Accounting for the payroll) 
17. The End Zone (Preparing an income statement for a merchandising business) 
18. The Look (Preparing a report form balance sheet) 
19. RL Tours Revisited (Journalizing and posting closing entries)

1. Tree Hill Construction (Completing the accounting cycle for a service business organized as a sole proprietorship) 
2. Closet Couture (Completing the accounting cycle for a merchandising business organized as a partnership) 
3. Analyzing Microsoft (Reviewing a corporation’s annual report) 

1. GAMES-R-US (Accounting for fixed assets and depreciation) 
2. Appreciate or Depreciate? (Calculating and accounting for depreciation) 
3. LIFO, FIFO, SHMIFO (Analyzing and accounting for inventory costing) 
4. Making the Adjustment (Determining and journalizing adjusting entries) 
5. Financial Analysis (Knowing financial analysis vocabulary) 
6. Analyze This! (Analyzing annual report data for a publicly traded company) 
7. The Aging Report (Accounting for uncollectible accounts) 

1. Accounting Scramble (Knowing general accounting vocabulary) 
2. Accounting Word Match (Knowing general accounting vocabulary) 
3. Accounting Word Search (Knowing general accounting vocabulary)

Accounting Skills Covered
  1. Forms of Business Ownership
  2. Chart of Accounts
  3. Analyzing Business Transactions
  4. Profitability
  5. T-Accounts
  6. Recording Transactions in Multiple Journal Formats
  7. The Posting Process (General Ledger & Subsidiary Ledgers)
  8. Preparing a Trial Balance
  9. The Worksheet
  10. Financial Statements
  11. Component Percentages
  12. Cost of Goods Sold & Gross Profit
  13. Closing the Books
  14. Audits
  15. Managing Cash
  16. Payroll Accounting
  17. Accounting for Fixed Assets
  18. Inventory
  19. Costing Uncollectible Accounts
  20. Profitability & Liquidity Ratios
  21. Analyzing Accounting Vocabulary
Teacher's Solutions Guide

The Teacher's Solutions Guide is available in Print and Digital format. The digital (PDF) format for Accountivities is housed on eReadiness.com.

Teacher's Solutions Guide Includes:

  • Complete solutions to each activity
  • Suggested grading rubrics for each activity including point values
  • Annotated instructor notes
  • Printed in all black ink to allow for easy creation of overhead transparencies
  • Curriculum guide
  • Standards alignment guide
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Grade: 9-12

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Author: Nancy deLisle
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