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GoVenture Personal Finance

Experience your financial future today!

Part of the Texas Proclamation 2019 Textbook Adoption


Plan and directly experience 20 years of your financial future in this highly realistic money and life simulation!

GoVenture Personal Finance is a realistic software simulation and comprehensive curriculum designed to help youth and adults gain skills in personal financial literacy and investing.

The experience is visual, interactive, and fun!

  • Establish your life goals and and then live your financial future for up to 20 years.
  • Monitor your financial information — income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Build your education, job experience, and health.
  • Decide where to invest your money — savings account, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, and more.

Monitor your Net Worth as it changes based on the economy, your lifestyle and investment decisions, and your personal spending habits. Will you be wealthy in the future? Can you afford to buy a new car or home today? Should you invest in a rental property or the stock market? When can you retire? Play GoVenture and find out!

  • Online workbook and practice activities
  • Over 70 printable PDF exercises
  • Hundreds of educational videos
  • FREE Online Instructor Guide and Curriculum Guide
  • Meets 100% of the TEKS/ELPS for Texas Proclamation 2019
Simulation License Information

Transferable Student License: One license is required per student per term within a given school year. Once a term is completed, licenses can be reused. The number of licenses required is equal to the maximum number of students using the simulation within one term. See example below:

Example to Determine Number of Licenses Required
  Semester 1
Student Enrollment
Semester 2
Student Enrollment
Course A 60 30 60
Course B 90 90 90

Minimum: A minimum purchase of 10 licenses is required.

Term: Licenses are valid for 1 year (transferable term to term).

Instructor Resources: Included FREE; 1-year access. 

License Pricing: Pricing is determined by the number of licenses purchased.


Grade: 9-12

GoVenture Personal Finance (Min. 10) (Website)
ISBN: 9781626894266
© 2018

GoVenture Personal Finance (Min. 10) (Website)
ISBN: 9781626894266
© 2018

Digital Options

Item # Item Name ISBN Qty. License Duration (Once Activated) Unit Price Total
SS-GOV-PF GoVenture Personal Finance (Min. 10) Transferable: 1 license req. per student per term 9781626894266 $19.95
Product Total: $0.00