New Stuff!

Just like Netflix is continuously adding new movies and shows, we’re always adding new features and content to our platform. Please review this page for a summary of new releases to Check out what's coming for the 2021-22 school year.

August 2021

New! The Teen App Entrepreneur

An Integrated Entrepreneurship and Computer Applications Simulation

Everybody loves mobile apps. From checking the local weather, to reading emails and playing games, mobile apps help make our lives more social, productive, and fun on a daily basis. So, we're excited to announce the release of our newest eText: The Teen App Entrepreneur! In this exciting new simulation, students will be fully engaged as they use computer applications to become virtual entrepreneurs running their own mobile app business! See more details about this exciting new title.

The Teen App Entrepreneur


  • Designed for all versions of Microsoft Office, Google Apps, or equivalent applications
  • Includes over 25 engaging projects
  • Project Planning Forms help students research, brainstorm, and design their final documents
  • Sample Teen App Entrepreneur provides guidance and project samples

February 2021

New! Curriculum Mapping Guide

A Guide to Using Titles

With over 60 titles to choose from, navigating can be a challenge. To help instructors find the best titles and resources to meet their unique classroom needs, we’ve developed the new Curriculum Mapping Guide. This helpful resource contains all of B.E. Publishing’s titles included on Within each subject area, specific titles and prerequisites have been identified, as well as strategies for using each text.

Based on your curriculum needs, Bundle subscribers can use this guide to determine which texts—or even individual units, chapters, and lessons—are best suited for their students. Customers who have purchased individual titles can use this document to locate purchased title(s) to review teaching notes, as well as find additional related texts that fit your curriculum needs.

New! Web Design with Google Sites

A Blended Learning Approach to Building Websites

We're excited to announce the release of our newest eText: Web Design with Google Sites! In this new hands-on simulation, students use their creativity, design, and technology skills to build professional websites for a variety of real-world clients. Students begin their web design journey in this exciting new simulation as an Intern for a successful design firm, where they are guided by step-by-step instructions as they develop key skills in Google Sites and build their first website. Next, working as Lead Web Designers, students are challenged to make their own layout and design decisions and build robust sites for new clients. See more details or watch a quick video preview about this exciting new title.

Web Design with Google Sites


  • 3 real-world clients representing a range of business types
  • Resources include Planning Forms, logos, images, and Google apps files for each client
  • Students use critical thinking, collaboration, and presentations skills to pitch finished website
  • Watch a quick video preview to learn more.

December 2020

New Word Processing Video for Computer Apps Texts

When you log into and access any computer applications title that includes word processing in its curriculum, you'll now see a new Digital Teaching Assets folder which includes a new video, along with its lesson plan, comprehension quiz, and answer key. Preview a sample clip of the new video added to

October 2020

Preview Video of October Releases

Watch this quick video for a preview of recent new releases. We think you'll love them!

New for All Google Titles

With so many schools using Google Apps as they move to distance learning, we're excited to announce that we’ve added dozens of new teaching and learning resources to all our Google titles. When you log into and access any Google title, you'll see a new Digital Teaching Assets folder which includes new videos, lesson plans, posters, and even some cool virtual meeting backgrounds.

New! Digital Teaching Assets Folder

And, we've updated our Help section with all kinds of useful "how-to" videos and information to help you get the most out of the platform.

We've summarized these new releases in a bit more detail below, or you can watch this quick new releases video.

Google Videos & Lesson Plans

Begin your class with these real-world videos that address the “who, what, where, when, and how” of relevant topics like word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. See Sample

Google Videos & Lesson Plans

Google Classroom Posters

Inspire students and liven up your classroom walls with colorful posters showcasing Google Apps, digital citizenship, and more. See Sample

Google Classroom Posters

Google Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Teaching virtually? Use the eReadiness virtual meeting backgrounds in Zoom or Microsoft Teams to add a fun atmosphere and real-world flair to your virtual classroom. See Sample

Google Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

New How-to Videos & Updated Information

Since the successful launch of just a few months ago, we've gathered all your questions and feedback and updated our Help section.

New How-to Videos & Updated Information

Check out how-to videos and answers to frequently asked questions like redeeming access codes, working with an eText, and integrating eReadiness with your LMS.

August 2020

New Textbook: Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E

We are proud to announce the addition of Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps · 3E to the family. The new 3rd edition of Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps introduces students to the many tools and features of Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, and Meet.

Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E

With Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps · 3E, students hone their skills in the most popular Google Apps while learning to use the full scope of G Suite to make any project come to life. See More