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Presentations: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

A classroom video that answers the question: “When am I ever going to use Presentations?”

This video is part of the When Am I Ever Going to Use This? Series.


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After viewing this video, your students will never ask the question:
"Why Am I Learning Presentation Software?"

Students are introduced to popular presentation applications like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. In the video, the host’s place a strong emphasis is placed on why learning computer presentation skills can help students succeed both in school and in the business world. Students will see how presentation skills and the powerful tools they offers are applied and used in a variety of settings. Working professionals and students also demonstrate the many different uses of how they use Microsoft PowerPoint in their everyday career, school, and social lives.

Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Presentations: When Am I Ever Going to Use This? (DVD)
ISBN: 978-1-626890-82-4
Author: B.E. Publishing
© 2016
Time: 14 Minutes

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