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Internet Search Activities Workbook No. 1

Educational Activities for Searching the Internet Efficiently

Teaches students how to navigate through Internet search engines to obtain information efficiently and accurately.


With over 1 billion Web sites on the Internet, using proper search techniques is critical for all students. By using the Internet Search Activities Workbook, students will understand how to effectively find and retrieve information using the World Wide Web and Internet search engines.


This workbook includes Internet search worksheets in question and answer format covering a variety of engaging topics that students can relate to.

  • Teaches students how to navigate through Internet search engines to obtain information efficiently and accurately.
  • Students are required to verify each source used to obtain answers to questions. Segmented into Internet “search” categories teens can relate to.
  • Each workbook includes over 30 unique, trivia-based search activities.
  • Easy-to-read instructions and completion forms.
  • A great assessment, supplement, or homework resource.
  • Activities are suitable for a wide-range of grade levels. Perforated format for ease of operation
  • Variety of activities written with relevant teenage-based content.
Table of Contents

Section a. General Knowledge
Activity a.1 Presidential History
Activity a.2 Sports
Activity a.3 Phobias
Activity a.4 Inventions
Activity a.5 Famous Quotes
Activity a.6 Around the World in Ten Questions

Section b. Technology
Activity b.1 Computer History
Activity b.2 Keyboarding History
Activity b.3 Computer Firsts
Activity b.4 Viruses
Activity b.5 Computer Acronyms
Activity b.6 Technology Today

Section c Just for Fun
Activity c.1 Ice Cream
Activity c.2 Entertainment
Activity c.3 Absolute Trivia
Activity c.4 Rap Music
Activity c.5 Recycling
Activity c.6 Rock n’ Roll

Section d. Scavenger Hunt
Activity d.1 Roadside Attractions
Activity d.2 Weather or Not, Here We Come
Activity d.3 Reverse Search
Activity d.4 Body Parts
Activity d.5 Clueless
Activity d.6 Muscle Cars

Section e. Holidays and Seasons
Activity e.1 New Year’s Day
Activity e.2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Activity e.3 Groundhog Day
Activity e.4 Valentine’s Day
Activity e.5 Mother’s Day
Activity e.6 Father’s Day
Activity e.7 Halloween

Skills Covered
  • Teach and reinforce effective Internet search skills
  • Understand how to refine a search using a variety of techniques
  • Find answers to questions that are supported by reliable sources
  • Ability to research more effectively
Teacher's Solution Guide

Teacher's Solution Guide Includes:

  • Introduction to the Internet and Search Engines
  • Internet Search Engine Tips
  • Answer Key to each Activity from Student Workbook


Digital eBook
eBook is in PDF format. This lifetime license permits unlimited seat install/unlimited printing for either one school or one district (based on license ordered).

Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Workbook (Min. 10) (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-934422-11-3
Author: Jane A. Fenton
© 2009
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 72
Print Color: BW
Binding: Softcover

eText (School License) (Digital)
ISBN: 978-1-626890-13-8
Author: Jane A. Fenton
© 2009
Page Count: 72

eText (District License) (Digital)
ISBN: 978-1-626890-50-3
Author: Jane A. Fenton
© 2009
Page Count: 72

Teacher's Solutions Guide (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-934422-12-0
Author: Jane A. Fenton
© 2009
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 80
Print Color: BW
Binding: Softcover

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