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Advertising as we knew it is dead. The new age of big data advertising is rooted in hard science, complicated math, and high technology. What was once best guesses and creative leaps is now precise, targeted surveillance. With no regulations on the books, companies are free to compile reams of personal data on anyone who accesses the internet. Industry insiders are calling this new world of advertising "the wild west." This program reveals the behind-the-scenes process of collecting personal information to design ads that are tailored to influence us at the precise moment we are most ready to spend. Is this the height of invasive efficiency... or simply the price we pay for free internet?
Video Segments
Introduction: You're Soaking in It (04:18)
There are no laws or crimes pertaining to advertising online. Experts describe how invasive and covert media companies have become. The world spent three times more in 2016 than in 2005.

Successful Marketing Materials (03:58)
School children discuss their reactions when they watch ads. Keith Reinhard describes how Bill Bernbach revolutionized the advertising industry.

Bernbach's Success (04:38)
Watch clips of Bernbach's revolutionary Volkswagen Beetle commercial. George Lois describes the heyday of Advertising agencies on Madison Avenue. He discusses how his commercials became a cultural phenomenon.

Advertising as a Science (03:59)
Reinhard describes how analytics arose in the 1970s and 1980s. David Brandt explains that the statement "half of the money I spent on advertising is wasted" is true. Nielson helps brands improve their revenues by researching audience visceral reactions to advertising campaigns.

Advent of the Internet (05:37)
Don Searls describes the different between traditional brand advertising and direct response ads on the internet. Ethan Zuckerman explains how web browsers track an individual's searches. More people daily check Facebook than watch the Super Bowl

Banner Ads (03:06)
In the early days of the Internet, companies just ran their traditional ads on websites. Zuckerman apologizes for creating pop-up ads. WPP spends as much on internet advertising as traditional models.

Data Measurement Essential (03:24)
Sir Martin Sorrell describes how internet advertising needs different data measurement tactics, approaches and standards than traditional methods. Pablo del Campo describes different alternatives. Agencies discuss how they can change their methods at Cannes.

Algorithms (04:17)
Experts discuss how computer programs are replacing traditional ad executives. Jag Duggal describes how Programmatic Advertising improves sales. Paul Rutkowski explains how algorithms target and bid based upon an individual's specific browser activity.

Data Collection (02:02)
Chris Jay Hoofngale explains how websites share private data about their users. Lightbeam tracks how many third party sites are given information about a user based upon browser history.

Profiling Users (05:47)
Dr. Michal Kosinski explains how advertisers create a psychological profile based upon browser history. Affectiva's computer program helps advertisers measure visceral responses to consumers. Learn how scientists measure skin reactions, eye movements, and facial expressions.

Data Analysts (02:59)
Instead of Wall Street, the smartest graduates flock to Silicon Valley to obtain jobs. Data scientists research and gather information about user's selling history.

Younger Generation Speaks (03:51)
Data scientists share what attracts them to working in the field and how it differs from traditional advertising. In today's world, everything must be mathematically proven.

Implied Consent (04:37)
Gmail reads your emails before you receive a notification that you have mail. School children discuss what social media they possess and their ideas of Internet privacy. Judges allow intelligence assets to be transferred to a new buyer after a company declares bankruptcy.

Zero Regulation (06:13)
The federal government does not regulate data collection and profiling. AdBlock prevents companies from gathering your information and improves performance. Ninety-nine of the top 100 websites are ad supported.

Disguising Advertising (05:56)
Google acquired YouTube in 2006. Lauren Riihimaki describes why she loves producing videos. Her channel partners with different brands that she discusses on her channel.

Online Advertising Budget Surpasses TV (03:45)
Gregory Karout explains why he discusses advertising in his classroom. Tutorial advertising can be confusing for children.

Future of Advertising (06:19)
Marketers will employ personal algorithms that track behavior and past purchases to predict future acquisitions. Future innovations include personal ad placement and watching people at a concert for their reactions. Experts describe how big data cannot fully understand humans.

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