You're Hired! Job-Winning Interview Strategies

A comprehensive program highlighting employment goals, research, interviews, and more.  


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There’s nothing like preparation to calm the preinterview jitters! After watching this video, young adults will know how to define personal employment goals; research a company of interest; do mock interviews, for practice; dress for success; make a good first impression; communicate strengths, skills, accomplishments, and more; ask and answer a wide variety of pertinent questions; and follow up strategically via phone, mail, or e-mail. The core message? Preparation pays off!

Correlates to National Standards for Business Education from the National Business Education Association and standards from the National Council of Teachers of English. 


Video Segments
1. Job Interview: Preparation The most important step in winning a job is the interview. The purpose of the interview is to give the prospective employee and potential employer a chance to learn more about each other.
2. Job Interview: Defining Personal Goals The first step in pursuing a new career is to define your goals. This means doing research and self-evaluation to determine if a job matches your skills and experience. .
3. Job Interview: Learning Opportunity Recruiters and career counselors can offer a few dos and don'ts to consider as you prepare to interview for a job. Personality and skill assessment tests can help an individual find the right career path.
4. Job Interview: Research In order to impress an interviewer with knowledge about the company and the industry, you must do some investigation. Get information about the company and about the person who will be conducting the interview.
5. Job Interview: Practice It is a good idea to rehearse before a job interview. Don't memorize responses but be prepared to answer a variety of questions. When responding to questions, highlight skills, knowledge, personality, accomplishments, and strengths.
6. Job Interview: Getting Ready It is important to dress appropriately for job interviews. Be on time or even early.
7. Job Interview: Getting Started The first few minutes will set the tone of the interview. Don't be afraid to show enthusiasm and make eye contact. When answering questions stay on topic and be positive. Confidence is key, so be organized and prepared.
8. Job Interview: The Questions At the beginning of a job interview get your message across quickly, succinctly, and powerfully. Showcase knowledge and establish credentials from the very start. Be prepared for common and unexpected interview questions.
9. Job Interview: Uncomfortable Questions Tough interview questions are designed to give the employer an opportunity to quickly get information about job candidates. When asked to point out a weakness, select one you have been actively working to overcome.
10. Job Interview: Negative to Positive If you are asked about your current job during an interview don't say anything negative. Student who have little real world experience can talk about organizations or extracurricular activities.
11. Job Interview: Questions and Conclusion During a job interview remember to ask questions. The questions will depend upon what type of information is most important to you. It is helpful to decide what you want to ask before the interview. End the interview with a summary of qualifications.
12. Job Interview: Follow-Up After an interview write down the information you received. It is smart to follow up immediately after an interview with a brief thank you email. This shows the recruiter you are seriously interested in the position.
13. Job Interview: Success If a job interview does not result in employment, send a thank you note and ask for the recruiter's opinion about your interview. Use the skills you have learned to prepare for the next opportunity.
14. Job Interview: Summary Job interviewing requires preparation, self-understanding, and research. Successful execution involves confidence, a positive attitude, and follow-up.

Grade: 9-12

You're Hired! Job-Winning Interview Strategies (DVD)
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