Say 'Goodbye' to Grading Computer Apps

In-App, Auto-Grading for Computer Applications

Available for the 2020-21 School Year

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Introducing a Revolutionary Auto-Grading Platform for Teaching & Learning Computer Applications

Computency is an auto-grading, in-app platform with every tool needed to teach and learn computer applications. Students receive real-time feedback as they complete lessons to create and modify documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Easy-to-use instructor tools allow teachers to customize lessons and manage classes, while school and district admins can easily integrate with existing learning management systems.

No Grading

Auto-grading saves teachers time and provides students with real-time feedback.

No Textbooks

In-app course videos and instructions make learning more hands-on and effective.

No Switching Screens

In-app lessons, instructional videos, resources, and auto-grading keep students focused on their work.

No Printing

Online course resources and lesson assignments save paper, ink, time, and money.

All-inclusive Curriculum

Includes all courses, updates, and new courses as they become available.

Courses Included

Launching with Windows versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2016 and 2019.

Courses for Mac versions of MS Office and Google's G Suite are forthcoming.

MOS Certification Readiness

All courses are 100% aligned to the MOS Certification exam skills.

Simple “Add-In” Setup

Works seamlessly with your MS Office application’s Add-in feature.

Device and LMS Compatibility

Works on Windows PCs and integrates with any LMS.

Compatibility with Mac devices and Chromebooks is forthcoming.

Full-featured Management Tools

Easy-to-use instructor tools and administrative options for classrooms and districts.

Transferable Annual Licenses

All licenses are transferable within a school year.

Free Instructor Licenses and Resources

Unlimited instructor access to lesson source files, assessments, and answer keys.

Curriculum Guides for Courses

Computency_Curriculum Guide for Word 2016
Computency_Curriculum Guide for Excel 2016
Computency Curriculum Guide for PowerPoint 2016
Computency_Curriculum Guide for Word 2019
Computency_Curriculum Guide for Excel 2019
Computency Curriculum Guide for PowerPoint 2019

Preview How Computency Works

Preview How Students Learn

Students learn by in-app course assignments and instructional videos (watch one below).

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One Price Includes All Courses

Our Annual Transferable License fees make it easy for schools to budget costs. And since licenses are transferable within a school year, using Computency is affordable and super flexible.

For example: If you teach 100 students per semester, for a total of 200 students per year, you only need 100 annual licenses. Likewise, if you teach 100 students per quarter, for a total of 400 students per year, then you still only need 100 annual licenses.

Item # Annual # of Transferable
Student Licenses
1 Year
Price Per Student
2 Years (SAVE 5%)
Price Per Student Per Year
3 Years (SAVE 10%)
Price Per Student Per Year
COMPU-1 10-49 $19.95 $18.95 $17.96
COMPU-2 50-99 $17.95 $17.05 $16.16
COMPU-3 100-199 $15.95 $15.15 $14.36
COMPU-4 200-299 $13.95 $13.25 $12.56
COMPU-5 300-399 $12.95 $12.30 $11.66
COMPU-6 400-499 $11.95 $11.35 $10.76
COMPU-C 500+ Call 888-781-6921 or email for a custom quote

What's Included with All Licenses

  • Comprehensive Microsoft Courses in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • 100% Aligned to MOS Certification
  • Unlimited Free Instructor Licenses and Resources
  • In-app Lessons, Instructional Videos, and Auto-grading
  • No Textbooks Required
  • Full-featured Classroom and District Management Tools
  • Free Support

Custom Price Quotes

For custom pricing on more than 500 licenses or multi-year discounts, call 888-781-6921 or email

How to Order

888.781.6921 (Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm EST)

401.781.7608 (Faxed purchase orders accepted)

Emailed purchase orders can be sent to

Sales Department
B.E. Publishing
PO Box 8558
Warwick, RI 02888