Traditional Print and Online Advertising

An exploration into the different types of print and digital media formats and the benefits of advertising in each.


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Where is the best place to spend an advertising budget? Though newspaper circulation is falling, most adults still read the paper, while the popularity of print magazines is increasing and readership of online media has exploded. This program explains different types of print and digital media formats and the benefits of advertising in each. The relative cost of placing classified and display ads in daily, weekly, and shopper newspapers is compared, along with the marketing difference between buying space in general-interest, special-interest, regional, and B2B magazines. Online coupons and other advantages of advertising on Web sites is also covered.

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1. Targeting Upscale Readers Only 15% of newspaper ad revenue is generated by national ads. Though circulation has been falling for 25 years, most adults still read a paper once a week, and regular newspaper readers are an upscale demographic in income and education.
2. Advantages of Advertising in Weekly Papers A golf course owner targets his ads in various papers to reach specific groups. Ads in weeklies cost less, and the local focus means the papers are more thoroughly read. Readers also scan them for coupons. People don't read free newspapers.
3. Three Types of Newspaper Advertising The classified section draws the greatest reader interest, so papers charge the highest rates for that space. Local display generates the most revenue for dailies. Local supplements are good for targeting customers within a small area.
4. Unique Advantages of Newspaper Advertising Newspaper advertising gives the ability to position the ad in specific sections of the paper, to reach potential customers most likely to buy. Being able to time the ad is also key. The Thursday food section in dailies targets weekend food shoppers.
5. Magazine Advertising General interest consumer magazines have the highest circulation and consequently the ads are expensive. Regional consumer magazines target upscale consumers and tourists, making them an excellent advertising vehicle for upscale retailers.
6. Special Interest Consumer Magazines The ability to segment the market demographically makes special interest consumer magazines an effective advertising medium. Because circulation is low, the cost per thousand ad rate is high. But every subscriber is a good potential customer.
7. Business to Business Magazines The problem for advertisers is B2B circulation is non-paid, which means recipients are less likely to read them. But they are usually delivered to the workplace and they make it easy to contact advertisers.
8. Magazine Readership is Growing Media buyers use cost per thousand (CPM) to compare the relative cost efficiency of different magazines. Multiply the cost of the ad by 1000, then divide by the publication's circulation. Covers are the most valuable advertising locations.
9. Interactive Periodicals--Online Editions Most periodicals furnish limited online content for free but charge a fee for full access to the print content. Most readers want access in both formats. Growth of the online market is strong due to the proliferation of portable electronics.
10. Benefits of Internet Advertising Adobe's digital publishing suite has revolutionized how digital print content is delivered and consumed, allowing for interactivity and animation. Online ads can be quickly changed to meet current market conditions.
11. A New Business Model The print edition of Golf magazine includes helpful articles, but the online edition offers video instruction and encourages interaction among subscribers. Online gives publishers more opportunity to generate ad revenue and profits.
12. Summary Newspapers offer advertisers a variety of products to more closely match their target markets. Demographic selectivity is the prime advantage of magazines. Interactive periodicals will eventually dominate print media advertising.



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Traditional Print and Online Advertising (DVD)
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