Top Careers in Two Years: Retail, Marketing, and Sales


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People who love dealing with other people—and connecting them with stuff they want, in the process—are a natural for a rewarding career in retail, marketing, or sales. This program spends some quality face time with a retail sales manager, a merchandise manager, and a distribution manager; a marketing manager, a promotions manager, and a public relations specialist; and an advertising sales agent, a real estate agent, and an e-commerce specialist.

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1. Introduction to Careers in Retail, Marketing, and Sales Learn about careers in retail, marketing, and sales that are possible after only two years of schooling. 2. Retail Careers: Retail Sales Manager Personality qualities needed in retail include people skills, initiative, and desire to help others. Job growth in retail is slated to grow by 17% in the next 3 years. A retail sales manager explains her job duties. 3. Retail Careers: Distribution Manager A distribution manager has good people skills, good organizational skills, and a dedication to clients and contractors. 4. Retail Careers: Merchandise Manager Merchandise managers control the goods that come into and out of a retail business. Internships are available. 5. Marketing Careers: Promotions Manager The job of a promotions manager is fast-paced and requires multitasking. Good organizational skills are essential. 6. Marketing Careers: Marketing Manager Marketing managers must be able to organize, to handle many tasks at once, and to work well with people. Internships are available.


Grade: 9-12

Top Careers in Two Years: Retail, Marketing, and Sales (DVD)
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