Today's Health Professions

Working Together to Provide Quality Care


Which health career is right for your students? What do they need to know to be successful? How do professionals work together to deliver patient-centered, holistic care?


Ensure your students have the information they need to make informed career choices and understand the role interdisciplinary collaboration will play throughout their careers. This new text, together with videos and podcasts online at DavisPlus, explores the history, employment opportunities, licensure requirements, earnings, and career paths for all of the major health care professions.

  • “Day in the Life” vignettes offer snapshots of a typical day for a working professional.
  • “Aptitude Profile” highlights the characteristics of successful candidates in each profession.
  • “Working Together” describes how healthcare professionals work in teams to provide patient-centered care.
  • “Author Spotlight” shares the personal stories of successful professionals who discuss why they chose and love their careers.
  • “Case Studies,” based on real-life scenarios, encourage you to think critically about the challenges professionals encounter and the important role interprofessional collaboration plays in ensuring quality care for patients.
  • “Career Exploration Activities,” are podcasts that introduce you to twenty-one careers and then present a clinical scenario describing a challenge you’re likely to encounter in that profession, followed by questions that you can print or email with your responses. - See more at:
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Table of Contents

I. The State of the Healthcare Environment
1. Is a Career in Health Professions Right for you? (Patricia Royal, EdD)
2. The Healthcare Environment (Patricia Royal, EdD)
3. Types of Health-Care Facilities (Patricia Royal, EdD)
4. Paying for Services (Patricia Royal, EdD)
II. The Divisions of Healthcare
5. Introduction to the Primary Health Care Professions (Patricia Royal, EdD)
6. History of Allied Health Professions (Patricia Royal, EdD)
7. Interprofessional Approach for Patient Care (Patricia Royal, EdD)
III. Primary Care Professions
8. Medicine (Thomas G. Irons, MD)
9. Nursing (Annette Greer, PhD, MSN)
10. Pharmacy (Doyle Cummings, Pharm.D, FCP, FCCP)
IV. Allied Health Professions
11. Athletic Training (Katie Walsh Flannigan, EdD)
12. Audiology (Ayaskanta Rout, PhD)
13. Clinical Laboratory Science (Joan Glacken, EdD, Julie Zemplinski, MSH, & Tony Burkett, MS)
14. Dental Professions (Kelley Lybrand, DDS)
15. Dietetics (Michelle Hesse (Battista), PhD, RD; Tonya Orchard, PhD, RDN, LD; & Julie Kennel, PhD, RDN, LD)
16. Emergency Medical Services (Keith Monosky, PhD)
17. Health Information Management (Patricia Royal, EdD)
18. Health Services Management (Patricia Royal, EdD)
19. Medical Assisting (Laura Melendez, BS & Patricia Royal, EdD)
20. Occupational Therapy (Gregory Wintz, PhD, OTR/L)
21. Physical Therapy (Deanna Dye, PT, PhD)
22. Physician Assisting (Amanda Moloney-Johns, MPAS, PA-C)
23. Radiography (Amy Freshley-Lebkuecher, MS & Rex Ameigh, MSLM)
24. Radiation Therapy (Jennifer L. Harper, MD)
25. Recreational Therapy (Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, PhD & Missy Armstrong, MS)
26. Rehabilitation Counseling (Linda Holloway, PhD, CRC)
27. Respiratory Care/Cardiopulmonary (Jennifer Keely, MEd, RRT-AACS & Kathryn Rollins, Med, RRT-NPS)
28. Social Work (Patricia Royal, EdD, MSW)
29. Speech/Language Pathology (Elaine Shuey, PhD)
V. The Professional Work Environment
30. Professionalism and Ethics in Health Care (Patricia Royal, EdD)
31. Professionals Working Together (Patricia Royal, EdD)

Appendix: Other Health-Related Professions

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