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How important is it to be passionate about one’s work? Does financial stability affect self-esteem? Do we work to live, or live to work? In this program people from a variety of occupations share their views about what they do and how they are adapting to a changing employment environment.

Viewers are encouraged to assess their skills and interests when on the search for their ideal job, and to keep in mind the value of having a good balance between work and their personal lives

Video Segments

1. The World of Work Nearly one third of our life will be spent working. Several people share their views on the meaning of work and its pros and cons; ideally, work reflects a person's passions.

2. The World of Work: Job Satisfaction People discuss the satisfaction they find in their working lives. It is easier for individuals to change careers and try something new. Several people discuss the different jobs they have performed. Technology and globalization make careers more dynamic.
3. Balancing Work and Life People discuss the meaning of balancing work and life, and how they achieve balance. Sometimes finding a balance can be difficult and we can feel a loss of control. Many businesses are moving away from a 9-to-5 work week and offer flexible working arrangements.
4. Balancing Work and Life: Work Environment The work environment can shape a person's personality. People discuss how their jobs affect their outlook and self-esteem. Finding the right work-life balance can take time to achieve.
5. Emerging Trends and the Future of Work Technology leads to globalization. Several people discuss social media, technology, and flexibility, as well as the downside of technology. Some analysts predict that 50% of future jobs have not yet been invented.
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Grade: 9-12

The World of Work (DVD)
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