The Startup Kids


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This documentary is about young web entrepreneurs and contains interviews with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, and many others who talk about their lives as entrepreneurs and how they started their companies.

Video Segments

Young Visionary Entrepreneurs (02:47)

The Internet allows entrepreneurs to create a business relatively inexpensively.

Starting Young (01:30)

Young people typically have less family responsibility and more time to focus on a new business.

KIIP (05:05)

Brian Wong outlines his rise to success in Silicon Valley at the age of 19.

Bootstrapping (01:43)

Young entrepreneurs describe their careers as manic-depressive.

Soundcloud (06:51)

Alexander Ljung talks about his strong drive to create things, even as a child. He shares how the business was started.

Angel Investors (02:27)

Venture capital investors discuss why they invest in startups.

inDinero (04:35)

Jessica Mah has been building businesses since she was twelve years old. Jessica discusses how she and Andy Su started their company.

Why Startup? (02:37)

Successful young entrepreneurs share why they build businesses.

Grove (05:35)

Leah Culver started programming at fifteen-years-old. She worked for startups before building her own social networking business.

Business Failure (01:58)

Ninety percent of all startups will fail. Entrepreneurs discuss lessons from failures.

Rainmakers (03:03)

Ben Way is an English serial entrepreneur. At age 17, he raised $40 million. By 20, he lost it all but did not give up on entrepreneurship.

Successful Startup (02:51)

Learn the many components that are necessary for developing a successful startup.

Vimeo (08:08)

Zach Klein started his first video sharing company with friends in college. He now spends most of his time living in the woods without electricity or phone.

Inspiration (03:48)

Successful young entrepreneurs and investors give advice to potential entrepreneurs.


Grade: 9-12

The Startup Kids (DVD)
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