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The Smart Money Series

A 3-Part Personal Finance Series

The perfect program for introducing students to banking, credit, and consumer smarts.  


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This 3-part series on money management, features financial expert, John Metaxas. For more than a decade at CNN and CNBC, John has reported on financial markets and major financial news events. And, after anchoring news programs like CNN's Your Money, he offers solid tips and advice for saving, investing, budgeting and spending.

You'll also hear candid discussions from young adults as they share their own personal experiences with finances and credit. Some good and some not so good, but they are all practical tools for teaching smart money skills

Video 1

Video 1: Credit Basics: Simple Strategies for Smart Credit
Credit Basics takes a practical look at credit: why you need it, how to build it, and what it can do for you.

Video 2

Video 2: The Fundamentals of Banking: Get Serious about Spending, Saving, & Investing
Showcases the stories of students and young adults with different financial levels. Their experiences will teach students sensible ways to spend, save, and invest.

Video 3

Video 3: Consumer Smarts: The Skinny on Being Savvy
Teaches students the ins and outs of online shopping, how to research products, and to follow a budget for everyday expenses like groceries, entertainment, and rent.


Grade: 9-12

The Smart Money 3-Part Video Series (DVD)
60 Minutes Each
© 2009
Time: 3 Hour(s)

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