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The Entrepreneurs 2-Part Video Series


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Bold ideas are the driving force of entrepreneurship—but a unique vision must also mesh with the realities of finance, production, publicity, and management.

This two-part series provides fascinating case studies in starting and growing a company, from the first spark of inspiration to the scramble for media exposure to the point at which professional operations management and high-volume manufacturing are implemented. Viewers meet uncompromising bootstrappers at the heart of four great success stories: Jason Osborn and Jason Wright of FEED Granola; Sara Blakely of Spanx body shapers; Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes; and Rick Bayless and Manuel Valdes of Frontera Foods.

Part 1

Part 1: FEED Granola and Spanx Shapewear
How did Jason Osborn and Jason Wright turn FEED Granola into a hot brand and a household name in less than two years? This CNBC program depicts the entire process, with commentary from Inc.com senior editor Rod Kurtz, Whole Foods Market regional coordinator Kara Rubin, and the two models-turned-business-partners themselves. Also headlining the program is Sara Blakely of Spanx, a company that has helped millions of women feel a size smaller and made $350 million in retail sales along the way. Viewers learn how Blakely’s idea to update the old-fashioned girdle propelled her to succeed despite years of rejection from financiers and manufacturers.

Part 2

Part 2: TOMS Shoes and Frontera Foods
Blake Mycoskie had four companies under his belt when he got his best idea yet: create a shoe company that gives away one pair for every pair sold. This CNBC program shows how Mycoskie used his business sense and budding celebrity status to grow TOMS Shoes into a global brand, while donating over 115,000 pairs of shoes to children in need. Also featured is Frontera Foods, brainchild of celebrity chef Rick Bayless and entrepreneurial mastermind Manuel Valdes. Their mission to educate Americans about the diversity of Mexican cuisine evolved into a hugely successful brand identity. Business reporters Lauren Sherman and Steve Dolinsky provide commentary.  


Grade: 9-12

The Entrepreneurs 2-Part Video Series (DVD)
© 2008
Time: 86 Minutes

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