Teens and Credit Cards: Use or Abuse?


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Getting older is accompanied with more responsibilities, especially with money. Unfortunately many teens do not know how to handle money and credit cards properly. Too many teens see credit cards a means to buy anything and everything they want. This in turn can lead to high debt and the destruction of a credit record. Find out about the dangers of credit cards and the proper way to use them. Also discover whether or not someone you know is a credit card abuser and what can be done to avoid becoming one.

Video Segments

1. Students will gain a general understanding of credit.
2. 'Credit' will be defined and students will learn about credit cards, credit card applications, and legal points that pertain to credit cards.
3. The concept of interest rates and credit records will be explained.
4. Students will be advised on what constitutes credit abuse.
5. Warning signs of credit card abuse will be discussed along with strategies to avoid it.
6. Students will be given tips to consider when choosing a credit card as well as various types of credit cards.
7. Credit card fraud will be discussed.


Grade: 9-12

Teens and Credit Cards: Use or Abuse? (DVD)
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Time: 24 Minutes

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