Technology: Digital Superbrands

Part of the Secrets of the Superbrands Series

An excellent primer in real-world marketing strategy as well as theoretical aspects of marketing psychology.  


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High tech is big money—as Facebook, Apple, and other digital superbrands have demonstrated so well. What factors enable technology companies to rule today’s global economy? Is it all about marketing, or are other forces at work when the latest smartphone stirs consumers into a frenzy? This program goes inside the technology industry for answers.

Viewers will learn about Sony’s Blu-ray giveaway strategy and how it hastened the fall of the HD-DVD format; the strange psychological parallels between religious fervor and addiction to technology; and the rarely discussed yet vital role played by the porn industry in the success of numerous high-tech products.




Technology: Digital Superbrands (DVD)
© 2011
Time: 52 Minutes

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