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With online purchases becoming the standard way of shopping for many people, Internet-based businesses now make up a highly lucrative sector of the global economy. As this program shows, the setup and operation of an online business has never been more attractive, thanks to companies like Amazon and eBay and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The program explores different types of online business opportunities, the importance of a business plan, essential tools needed to set up an online business, and marketing strategies such as viral marketing and search engine optimization. Two successful online business operators also share some of their experiences in setting up an Internet business.




Video Segments

1. Types of Online Business Opportunities (01:25) 

Online businesses use the Internet to sell products or services directly to consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B). Types include: products sold for a fixed price; supscription products, and "freemium" products which make the seller money through upgrades to a premium version of the product.
2. Types of Online Businesses (02:25) 
EBay and Amazon are examples of storefront businesses on the web. Viewers learn the terminology for different types of online businesses. Conduct basic research after you determine who your customer will be.
3. Getting Started - The Business Plan (02:33) 
Viewers hear general information about components of a business plan: executive summary, introduction, operations plan, financial plan, marketing analysis, marketing plan and management plan.
4. Financing Your Online Business (01:48) 
We hear benefits to being in a partnership. Learn why most online businesses fail and why business plans are being used less often.
5. Setting Up Shop (02:47) 
Furniture, software and office essentials for starting your business at home or in an office space are listed. Dr. Brent Coker explains core elements required to run an online business.
6. The Launch (01:03) 
Complete the site and make sure every element works before you go live. The owner of Kigu talks about starting his online business.
7. Operating Your Online Business (02:25) 
You need to promote yourself through social mediums to let customers know you exist. The owner of Kigu talks about branding and being unique. Viewers learn about making money with advertising and promotional events.
8. SEO - Search Engine Optimization (02:17) 
Viewers learn about search engine rankings. Viral marketing is explained.
9. Common Pitfalls (03:35) 
Viewers learn reason why many online companies fail and two online business owners share experiences and tips on avoiding pitfalls. It is important to know where your customers are coming from and getting customer feedback.
10. Credits: Starting an Online Business (00:36) 
Credits: Starting an Online Business



Grade: 9-12

Starting an Online Business (DVD)
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