Social Media for Business Marketing

A comprehensive look into one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing today. 


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The use of social media to promote business is one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing today. When used correctly, popular social media platforms offer the ability to connect—easily, affordably, and directly—with customers and prospects to build brand awareness and loyalty, improve customer service, and much more.

How, then, should a company go about implementing social media as a part of its marketing mix? This program clearly and concisely explains how to get started with social media; make the most of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Yelp; and develop and manage a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

Video Segments
1. Rise of Social Media for Business Marketing (01:34) 
Social media is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing. Experts affirm the importance of a strong social media presence in building a business's reputation and customer base.
2. Social Media Goal & Focus (01:21) 
Experts recommend that businesses set a goal for their social media efforts and focus on story and content.
3. Understanding Social Media Users (01:12) 
Businesses should engage with their social media audiences in order to speak directly to their needs and wants.
4. Consistency in Social Media (00:50) 
Social media marketing efforts should adhere to a consistent schedule and voice. Businesses just starting to use social media should limit their social media platforms to one or two as they develop the skill.
5. Facebook (04:49) 
Creating a Facebook page is a smart way for businesses to establish a strong social media presence. Learn ways to successfully maintain a Facebook page and engage in a two-way conversation with users.
6. Twitter (04:58) 
Experts list the benefits of Twitter as it pertains to business marketing and warn that Twitter audiences like to be informed, not sold to. Learn the importance of imagery, retweeting, and cross-promotion for businesses on Twitter.
7. LinkedIn (03:00) 
LinkedIn is a social media platform that specifically connects professionals and companies. Customers can recommend products and services, and individual employees can promote their companies.
8. Instagram & Pinterest (01:28) 
Learn how Instagram and Pinterest allow businesses to communicate to their audiences through imagery.
9. Yelp (01:49) 
Yelp offers the opportunity for customer interaction at the local level. Companies should actively monitor their Yelp pages to update information and offer feedback on negative reviews.
10. Comprehensive Social Media Strategy (03:30) 
It's best to promote a business across a variety of social media platforms with a consistent voice. Services like TweetDeck and HootSuite allow businesses to consolidate social media efforts into a single portal.
11. Monitoring Social Media (03:09) 
It's important that businesses monitor social media sites and deal with negative reviews quickly and appropriately. Social media enables new and better methods of customer service.
12. Social Media for the Modern Business (01:05) 
Experts emphasize the importance of a company's social media message and presence. Businesses should to pay attention to changing technology and market trends.
13. Credits: Social Media for Business Marketing (00:32) 
Credits: Social Media for Business Marketing

Grade: 9-12

Social Media for Business Marketing (DVD)
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