Serving Up Superbrands

Heinz has sold baked beans since the late 1880s, and even though the recipe has remained basically the same, the company still sells ten times as many beans as its nearest rival. Has nobody come up with a better product in 120 years, or is something else going on? Is branding so powerful that it can actually affect our taste buds? This program goes on the trail of international food and beverage conglomerates to determine how and why they shape our meal choices and dietary decisions. Seeing the power of the Heinz label in action among randomly selected consumers, viewers will also learn about the intense—and very expensive—marketing tactics behind Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and other brands.
Video Segments
1. Mega-Corporations and Food Brands A British researcher looks for the secretive world of global food and drink superbrands. Over the years, food brands have acquired an intimate connection with consumers.2. Coca Cola Coca Cola is a megabrand that is in more countries than there are members in the United Nations. Coca Cola owns over 500 other brands around the world.3. History of Coca Cola In 1886, a pharmacist made a sugary brown liquid and added fizz to it and called it Coca Cola. The company advertised aggressively and developed numerous products with the brand name on them. Bottling plants accelerated access to the drink.4. Coca Cola and WWI & WWII Coke's brand was given a big boost when the company president promised to get Coke to every serviceman for five cents no matter the cost to the company. Portable bottling plants went everywhere troops did. t5. Billions of Services of Coke A ubiquitous presence, Coke sells 1.5 billion servings every day. Nearly everywhere in the world, Coke is the No. 1 selling soft drink.6. Scotland's Iron Brew The most popular drink in Scotland is Iron Brew. Will Coca Cola ever make it to the No. 1 spot? Coke's goal is to double its market in the next decade--2 million servings a minute. The teen market is critical to the growth of Coke.7. Mass Appeal of McDonald's Ray Kroc bought out the McDonald brothers' business. There are now 32,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. In Chicago, McDonald's' fans praise the restaurants. Most like the fact that wherever they go, the food at McDonald's tastes the same.8. McDonald's in India In India, there are many different food items that are not available elsewhere. It seems that McDonald's makes good on its promise to provide safe and unchallenging food.9. Brand Signature McDonald's in India provides the same flavor profile of its franchises in other parts of the world. The film host interviews a chemist at a flavor manufacturing plant.10. Brands and Taste People may not stick with a brand because the product tastes better than other brands but because of branding. An experiment proves that branding actually affects taste buds.11. Building a Brand Name Heinz is the 4th biggest brand name in the world. Today's recipe is almost the same as the original recipe. The Heinz name became well known during WWII, when Heinz beans were a staple in military food ration kits.12. Brains and Brands Brain scans reveal that the human brain processes brand names in the same way it processes faces. Responses to favored brands are the same as the response to a loved one's face.13. Red Bull BrandRed Bull is a brand associated with energy, youth, and more. The product comes from Thailand and is packaged in the U.K. Its marketing is aggressive and innovative. Red Bull has become an entity with a personality.14. Starbucks Brand Howard Schulz is the visionary behind Starbucks. He learned that putting a Starbucks on every corner significantly added to his customer base. There are 17,000 Starbucks in 50 countries.15. Battle of Hearts and Minds An independent coffee shop owner discusses the movement to boycott Starbucks. In Milan, Italy locals seem oblivious to Starbucks. Starbucks mission statement claims it is "here to inspire and nurture the human spirit."

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