Pocket Anatomy and Physiology

4th Edition

Access all of the A&P information you need - whenever and wherever you need it!

In class or in practice, all of the A & P information you need is at fingertips in this handy, easy-to-understand pocket guide. Crystal-clear, full-color illustrations with concise labels put all the need-to-know A&P information at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a cross section of the spinal cord or lateral view of the arteries of the head and neck, or any other perspective on the human body, you’ll find it here.


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Key Features
  • A brief description introduces each body system.
  • Crystal-clear presentation makes the illustrations pop from the pages.
  • Precise labels accurately identify every structure
  • Unique anatomical views — like the cross section of the hand — highlight every detail in full color.
  • Every page tells you the orientation of every figure — no more guessing at what you’re viewing.
  • Easy-to-reference tables summarize all of the relevant physiology.
New To This Edition
  • New, Revised & Updated! New illustrations and new topics in every tab to provide complete coverage that’s even more relevant to the study of A&P today
  • Body Structure—anatomical position and regional terms
  • Cells, Tissues, and the Integumentary System—the plasma membrane, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, diffusion, and mitosis
  • Human Microbiome—the human microbiome, the gut microbiome, bacteria, microbes, viruses, and diet-driven disease
  • Skeletal System—the plasma membrane, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, diffusion, mitosis, and common types of fractures
  • Muscular System—the neuromuscular junction
  • Nervous System—simple reflex arcs, nerve impulse, and sensory and motor neurons of the spinal cord
  • The Senses—cutaneous senses and referred pain
  • Endocrine System—endocrine gland stimuli
  • Circulatory System—hematocrit, reticulocytes, and monocytes, and nervous regulation of the heart
  • New table: Complete blood count
Table of Contents
Tab 1. Body Structure
Tab 2. Cells, Tissues, and the Integumentary System
Tab 3. Human Microbiome
Tab 4. Skeletal System
Tab 5. Muscular System
Tab 6. Nervous System
Tab 7. The Senses
Tab 8. Endocrine System
Tab 9. Circulatory System
Tab 10. Lymphatic System
Tab 11. Respiratory System
Tab 12. Digestive System
Tab 13. Urinary System
Tab 14. Reproductive Systems and Human Development

Pocket Anatomy and Physiology, 4E (Print)
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