Multimedia Systems: An Introduction

A comprehensive look into how multimedia content—text, audio, and video—is created and supported.


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 In this program, two interactive software developers describe multimedia hardware and software, and how multimedia content—text, audio, and video—is created and supported.

Tin Man Games programmer Ben Britten discusses Apple’s Xcode suite of tools used to make iPhone applications, and he gives an overview of the software that plans, captures, edits, and displays multimedia, including codec programs that process and store files. The video also examines content sharing, virality, and the social and ethical implications of multimedia technology. 

Video Segments

1. What Is Multimedia? (03:58) 

Multimedia is interactive electronic media made of various integrated elements such as text, audio, video, animation, and still images. Multimedia can be an alternative to traditional media. There is a diverse range of software and hardware tools.
2. Multimedia Technologies (02:44) 
Multimedia is typically data and processor intensive, requiring powerful software and hardware appropriate to the requirements of the end format.
3. Multimedia Elements (04:30) 
Multimedia elements include audio, video, graphics, text, and animation. These are created and manipulated on powerful software. Calibrated monitors and video cards assist with accurately displaying complex, high resolution imagery.
4. Bringing It All Together (04:21) 
Organization is key in creating multimedia systems, ensuring all the elements are coordinated to form the final synchronous experience. Codecs are programs that convert data into file formats.
5. Issues Related to Multimedia Systems (03:47) 
The Internet has taken multimedia to a new level, becoming a platform for user to share content. The virality of the Internet can create issues around ownership and copyright. Multimedia providers should consider social and ethical consequences.
6. Credits: Multimedia Systems: An Introduction (00:32) 
Credits: Multimedia Systems: An Introduction

Grade: 9-12

Multimedia Systems: An Introduction (DVD)
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