Medical Terminology Simplified, 7th Edition

A Programmed Learning Approach by Body System


This programmed learning, word-building approach is ideal for self-paced learning and review, or in-class and online instruction.

Incorporating the most current trends and approaches to teaching medical terminology, this text explores each body system unit through a summary of combining forms, a comprehensive pathology section, and additional medical records and evaluations with true-to-life artwork.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Programmed Learning and Medical Word Building

2. Body Structure

3. Integumentary System

4. Respiratory System

5. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

6. Digestive System

7. Urinary System

8. Reproductive System

9. Endocrine and Nervous Systems

10. Musculoskeletal System

11. Special Senses: The Eyes and Ears



A. Glossary of Medical Word Elements

B. Answer Key

C. Index of Diagnostic, Medical, and Surgical Procedures

D. Drug Classifications

E. Abbreviations, Discontinued Abbreviations, and Common Symbols

F. Medical Specialties

G. Glossary of English-to-Spanish Translations


Rules for Singular and Plural Suffixes

Pronunciation Guidelines



  • A programmed, frame-based learning approach breaks must-know content into small, student-friendly sections to make the information easier to master.
  • “Word Elements” tables, accompanied by exercises, develop the ability to recognize word parts and build new terms.
  • “Medical Record Activities” feature case studies and critical-thinking exercises that illustrate how terminology is used in the real world and include activities for patient diagnosis and evaluation.
  • A free bookmark lets students cover the answers on the page as they respond to each question.
  • Section Reviews reinforce what students have learned; assess their mastery; and identify areas for additional study
  • Full-color illustrations depict human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and medical treatments to make their associated medical terms easy to understand.
  • Spanish translations appear in the Appendix for quick reference

Medical Language Lab

  • Lessons correspond to the chapters in the text.
  • Integrated ebook with highlighting, note-taking and bookmarking capabilities lets students study from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device for review and study on the go.
  • The “Pretest” creates personalized Study Plans, identifying the lessons where students need to focus their study time.
  • “Pronunciation Guides” let students practice their speaking skills by listening to audio files linked to definitions from Taber’s, the bestselling dictionary for health care students.
  • “Critical Listening” features audio recordings followed by questions to develop understanding of language in context and the ability to respond appropriately.
  • Lecture videos present must-know concepts along with learning style tips to identify the ways students learn best.
  • Practice Exercises reinforce the lessons in the text to build knowledge of medical terminology.
  • The “Student Lesson Gradebook” tracks their progress through each lesson and the grade they have earned, while identifying areas for additional study.
  • The “Student Activity Gradebook” drills down to show student performance on specific assignments and tracks how long it takes you to complete each one.
Online Resources
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  • Testing Resources - Assess your students understanding of the material
  • Classroom & Lecture Planning Resources - Plan your classes here
Medical Terminology Complete
Medical Terminology Complete is the complete online option within The Medical Language Lab. It offers the same customization, Gradebook, and lesson structure as The MLL but features these F.A. Davis Med Term texts in eBook format with lecture videos—to give your students the complete online experience.
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Grade: 9-12

Medical Terminology Simplified (Print + Medical Language Lab) (Print)
Includes printed text and 1-year online access to The Medical Language Lab.
ISBN: 978-1-7196-4616-1
Author: Barbara Gylys
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 704
Print Color: Full Color
Binding: Softcover

Medical Terminology Simplified (Complete) (Web-based)
Includes eBook format of text with lecture videos, and 1-year online access to The Medical Language Lab.
ISBN: 978-1-7196-4617-8
Author: Barbara Gylys
© 2023
Page Count: 704

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