Maternal-Newborn Nursing

The Critical Components of Nursing Care

2nd Edition

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Table of Contents
  • Maternity Nursing Overview 
    1. Trends and Issues
    2. Ethics and Standards of Practice Issues
  • Antepartal Period
    1. Genetics, Conception, Fetal Development, and Reproductive Technology
    2. Physiological Aspects of Antepartum Care
    3. The Psycho-Social-Cultural Aspects of the Antepartum Period
    4. Antepartal Tests
    5. High-Risk Antepartum Nursing Care
  • Intrapartal Period
    1. Intrapartum Assessment and Interventions
    2. Fetal Heart Rate Assessment
    3. High-Risk Labor and Birth
    4. Intrapartum and Postpartum Care of the Cesarean Birth Families 
  • Postpartal Period
    1. Postpartum Physiological Assessments and Nursing Care
    2. Transition to Parenthood
    3. High-Risk Postpartum Nursing Care
  • Neonatal Period
    1. Physiological and Behavioral Responses of the Neonate
    2. Discharge Planning and Teaching
    3. High-Risk Neonatal Nursing Care
  • Women’s Health
    1. Well Women’s Health
    2. Alterations in Women’s Health
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    Author: Roberta Durham and Linda Chapman
    © 2014
    Page Count: 578
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