Davis Advantage for Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Critical Components of Nursing Care

4th Edition
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APPLY—Clinical JudgmentClinical Judgment develops students’ critical thinking and clinical reasoning, helping them to build the clinical judgment skills they need to practice safe and effective nursing care and to prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX® with confidence. Progressive case studies featuring real-life, complex clinical situations challenge students to apply knowledge, make informed decisions, and evaluate outcomes.

ASSESS—QuizzingQuizzing uses NCLEX®-style questions for assessment and remediation. Its adaptive, question-based format provides the additional practice students need to test their knowledge, master course content, and perform well on course and board exams. PLUS! Brand-new standalone questions that mimic the format of the Next Generation NCLEX® further prepare students for certification and practice.

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Table of Contents
  • Maternity Nursing Overview 
    1. Trends and Issues
    2. Ethics and Standards of Practice Issues
  • Antepartal Period
    1. Genetics, Conception, Fetal Development, and Reproductive Technology
    2. Physiological Aspects of Antepartum Care
    3. The Psycho-Social-Cultural Aspects of the Antepartum Period
    4. Antepartal Tests
    5. High-Risk Antepartum Nursing Care
  • Intrapartal Period
    1. Intrapartum Assessment and Interventions
    2. Fetal Heart Rate Assessment
    3. High-Risk Labor and Birth
    4. Intrapartum and Postpartum Care of the Cesarean Birth Families 
  • Postpartal Period
    1. Postpartum Physiological Assessments and Nursing Care
    2. Transition to Parenthood
    3. High-Risk Postpartum Nursing Care
  • Neonatal Period
    1. Physiological and Behavioral Responses of the Neonate
    2. Discharge Planning and Teaching
    3. High-Risk Neonatal Nursing Care
  • Women’s Health
    1. Well Women’s Health
    2. Alterations in Women’s Health

    Appendix A AWHONN Quick Guide to Breastfeeding
    Appendix B Recommended Immunization Schedule for Infants and Children Aged 0 to 23 Months
    Appendix C What Does a Safe Sleep Environment Look Like?
    Appendix D Laboratory Values
    Appendix E Immunization and Pregnancy
    Appendix F Cervical Dilation Chart
    Appendix G Conversions: Approximate Temperature Equivalents
    Appendix H Newborn Weight Conversion Chart
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