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Keyboarding: A Skill For Life!


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After viewing this video, your students will be convinced that they’ll use the skill of keyboarding for the rest of their lives. The video includes personal interviews with working professionals, students, and teachers who explain how keyboarding skills play an integral part in their success on the job, in school, and in their personal lives.

Part 2 of this video includes instructional demonstrations of touch-typing such as good posture and technique, proper hand and finger placement, eye contact, “practice makes perfect,” and how to develop accuracy and speed.

  • Good posture and technique
  • Proper hand and finger placement
  • Eye contact
  • Practice makes perfect
  • How to develop accuracy and speed
Download Assessment Test

The video also includes a free assessment test. The student version and answer key can be downloaded using the links below.

Download Student Test
Download Teacher's Answer Key (Requires password to open)

Note: The password for the answer key is located on the back cover of the DVD case. If you do not have your DVD case, please email us at and we will send the password.


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Keyboarding: A Skill For Life (DVD)
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