Journey Across the Life Span

Human Development and Health Promotion

7th Edition

Take a fascinating journey through the life cycle.

Here’s just what you need to safely and effectively care for your patients at any stage of life in today’s ever-changing world of health care. The 7th Edition of this popular, student friendly text guides you through the life cycle—from conception to old age—with an emphasis on health promotion, maintenance, and restoration in clinical practice.

Table of Contents

1. Healthy Lifestyles

2. Communication

3. Culture

4. The Family

5. Theories of Growth and Development

6. Prenatal Period to 1 Year

7. Toddlerhood

8. Preschool

9. School Age

10. Puberty and Adolescence

11. Early Adulthood

12. Middle Adulthood

13. Late Adulthood

14. Death and Dying


A. Community Help Services

B. Recommendations for Health Promotion

C. Sample of Living Will and Health Care Proxy



Key Features
  • “LPN/LVN Connections,” a wealth of features throughout the text to facilitate a smooth transition from one course to another while focusing on important information
  • “Key Terms,” “Learning Outcomes,” and “Concepts” at the beginning of each chapter
  • Emphasis on clinical application
  • “Helpful Hints” boxes that highlight important facts that can be used in conversations with patients
  • Summaries and case-based, critical-thinking questions at the end of each chapter to increase awareness and challenge thinking
  • End-of-chapter NCLEX-style questions to assess understanding of the content
New To This Edition
  • Updated & Revised! Reflecting advances in science, social theories, and health care delivery
  • New & Updated! Coverage of Healthy People 2030 and social determinants of health (SDOH) as well as vaccines, pandemics, homelessness, non-traditional families, substance abuse, child abuse, and grief from loss
  • Expanded! Focus on Quality and Safety for Nursing Education (QSEN) and evidence-based practice, including “Evidence-Based Practice” boxes that address common clinical questions and “Safe and Effective Nursing Care” boxes and exercises
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Grade: 9-12

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Author: Elaine U. Polan and Daphne R. Taylor
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