Job Search Success Series - 4-Part Series

The Job Search Process Presented in a Step-by-Step Compelling Manner


While technology and global economics continue to shape the job market, one thing never changes: work doesn’t come to you—you’ve got to get out there and find it! This four-part series helps viewers make the journey to fulfilling employment, keeping in mind the many challenges and learning experiences that can crop up along the way.

From the earliest phase of researching opportunities to the excitement of beginning a new position, the job search process is presented in an accessible, step-by-step, visually compelling manner. Let the quest begin!

Video 1

Video 1: Research: Job Search Success
It’s no surprise that finding the right job—one that best matches an applicant’s skills, interests, and goals—requires smart research. But where and how should your research get underway? What are the best methods for maximizing the power of online resources? At what point should you set aside Web sites and social media and get involved in face-to-face discussions?

This video offers answers, shedding light on job search engines and other Internet venues that can help identify areas of growth and companies of interest. It also covers print media, recruitment agencies, networking, and skills auditing. Expert interviews and real-life examples are featured throughout. 

Video 2

Video 2: Applications: Job Search Success
Once you have identified a job that’s right for you, how do you communicate to a prospective employer that you’re the perfect choice—without being able to introduce yourself in person?

This video uses case studies and advice from career counseling experts as it explains the ins and outs of the job application process. Profiling two different contenders who are applying for their dream jobs, the program takes viewers through the often detailed and laborious steps of preparing a CV or resume, writing a cover letter, and making sure these get through the appropriate channels. Discussions of other job application methods round out this practical and insightful guide. 

Video 3

Video 3: Interviews: Job Search Success
Facing a job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, but there are clear steps to take that will alleviate stress and offer a leg up against the competition. Good preparation—such as organizing all pertinent written material, conducting mock interviews, envisioning a range of possible settings and scenarios, and developing smart questions to ask—can pave the way to an effective job interview.

This program explores those actions and more, helping viewers to keep in mind clear goals and expectations while guiding them toward success. The video covers both individual and group formats as well as specific rehearsal techniques and other strategies developed by job search experts.

Video 4

Video 4: Starting a Job: Job Search Success
Having found and won your dream job, how do you get off on the right foot? This program highlights the importance of making a good impression and maintaining professional standards from day one of employment.

Viewers learn about good preparation, common orientation processes, clear presentation and communication, understanding workplace culture, getting along with fellow employees, building relationships, and being aware of health and safety concerns. Featuring expert interviews and realistic scenarios, the video also explores career development and expanding one’s skills, assets, and value while at a new job.



Grade: 9-12

Research: Job Search Success (DVD)
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Job Search Success Series (DVD)
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