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Computer networks are at the foundation of information and communication technology. A thorough understanding of network design and function is therefore crucial. This program provides a helpful overview of the world of networks for those who are exploring the IT field. Topics include wireless LANs, mobile devices, hardware and software components, wired and wireless protocols, the strengths and limitations of wired and wireless systems, and network security. Whether viewers are embarking on a career in information technology or business, this video is suited to burgeoning professionals who want a better grasp of the infrastructure that drives 21st-century communications. 
Video Segments
Overview of Networks (02:15)
Our global village could not exist without communication systems and networks. Learn the many types of networks and acronyms they use.

Wireless LANs and Mobile Devices (02:55)
Learn about Wireless Local Area Networks and how they communicate with mobile devices. Most mobile devices use Global System for Mobile Communication.

Key Hardware and Software Components (04:04)
Learn how gateways connect networks that use different protocols. Hardware uses the OSI model structure.

Wired and Wireless Protocols (04:23)
Learn about protocols, or rules of transmission.

Wired and Wireless Strengths and Limitations (01:56)
Learn the pros and cons of both wired and wireless networks.

Security Threats (03:22)
Network security is concerned with protecting the network. Hardware and software can alert users to potential security threats.

Credits: IT Networks (00:48)

Grade: 6-8, 9-12

IT Networks (DVD)
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