Interviewing for a Job


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The most intimidating and the most crucial part of a job search, the interview either results in a job offer or it doesn’t…no second chances.

This program covers preparing for an interview, dressing for an interview, using body language to good advantage, articulating skills and abilities, answering difficult questions, and handling salary and benefits issues. Emphasis is placed on being prepared and relaxed during the most important step of the job search process.

Video Segments

1. Purpose of a Job Interview Employers only interview candidates they believe can do the job. During an interview employers look for candidates who distinguish themselves by demonstrating enthusiasm, knowledge, initiative, and ability to fit into the organization's culture.
2. Job Interview Advice A professional appearance and a polite, friendly demeanor are essential for a successful job interview. Candidates should take specific steps to overcome nerves and project confidence during job interviews.
3. Job Interview Impressions: Passion Versus Pay Employers seek workers who demonstrate skill, dedication, and passion for what they do. During a job interview candidates should never imply that money is their primary reason for seeking the position.
4. Interview Preparation Job interview candidates should be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of a company, articulate how they add value to the company, and share something about their personal lives. Good body language and demonstrated attentiveness are essential during an interview.
5. Interview Follow-Up Job candidates should always send a thank-you note to potential employers after an interview. Many employers are impressed by the immediacy of an emailed thank-you letter.


Grade: 9-12

Interviewing for a Job (DVD)
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