Internet Careers: Front-End, Back-End & E-Everywhere


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E-commerce, e-learning, e-zines, eBay—what’s the common denominator? The “e” of course! But in today’s fast-paced, highly connected world, that “e” doesn’t just stand for “electronic”; it stands for “everywhere” as more and more people link up online.

This program travels the Web to explore Internet careers in three main areas: the front end, the back end, and everywhere in between. Front-end insights come from a programmer, a graphic designer, and a quality assurance tester; back-end information is provided by a webmaster, a help desk specialist, and a sales associate; and an IT recruiter, an advertising sales rep, and an entrepreneur explain how they’ve integrated the Internet into their careers. 

Video Segments

1. Internet Careers: Front-End The Internet offers a wide range of career paths. Front-end careers include computer programming, graphic design, and quality assurance testing.
2. Internet Careers: Back-End Webmasters are the go-to persons for websites. Websites are hosted by servers. Technical administrators service, maintain, and repair servers. A help desk specialist explains his job.
3. Back-End Internet Job: Sales Associate Sales associates are responsible for receiving orders, finding out what customers want, and more. Career advancement is achievable. Important personal skills include patience and understanding.
4. World Wide Web Careers E-Business is e-everywhere. The World Wide Web offers career opportunities. IT recruiters bridge the gap between business and the Internet. They must have good people skills.
5. Internet Careers: Advertising Sales Representative and Entrepreneur Advertising sales executives bring in new business and sales dollars. These executives must be comfortable giving oral presentations. Entrepreneurs learn from others and have a passion for what they do.


Internet Careers: Front-End, Back-End & E-Everywhere (DVD)
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