ICT in Organizations

 A look into the ICT environment and the needs that many organizations face. 


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Information and communication technology (ICT) is fundamental to the operation of any organization or company. But how is ICT specifically defined and what role does it play in business? In this program, experts with a lifelong understanding of digital technology discuss the ICT environment, the ICT needs that many organizations face, the importance of monitoring and evaluating ICT systems, and what the future of ICT might look like.

Viewers will encounter a variety of visual metaphors that help to illuminate the interconnected world of digital communication and how central technology has become in 21st-century culture and commerce. An excellent resource for both students and professionals who are stakeholders in the ICT aspects of their organizations. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online

Video Segments

1. What is ICT? (01:52) 

All modern systems depend on Information and Communication Technology.
2. The Environment (01:50) 
Learn about the infrastructure of an ICT environment.
3. Manufacturing Systems (01:30) 
Companies that manufacture products often have complex, interrelated ICT systems.
4. Determining ICT Needs (02:00) 
ICT Infrastructure facilitates communication on all levels of the business. Learn how to determine ICT needs of a company.
5. Designing ICT Systems (02:10) 
Learn about the three key factors of designing a system: Rollback, Budget, and Technical Aspects.
6. Implementation and Monitoring (02:37) 
It is important to develop an implementation strategy without negatively impacting the business. Regularly assessing the ICT environment is vital as the needs of the organization can change.
7. Testing (02:06) 
To keep ICT systems working well, companies undertake testing and trialing. This includes monitoring accessed data, keeping valid data, and alpha/beta testing.
8. Security (01:37) 
Security is a key issue for government, financial, and telecommunication agencies. A backup system that fails can have enormous consequences.
9. Fully Integrated ICT System (01:49) 
Organizations take anywhere from 1-5 years to change to an integrated system. There is no such thing as a final system in ICT.
10. The Future of ICT (03:12) 
If the systems cease to exist, the world as we know it would cease to run. Unified communication is at the forefront of ICT advances.
11. Credits: ICT in Organizations (00:47) 
Credits: ICT in Organizations

Grade: 9-12

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Organizations (DVD)
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Time: 22 Minutes

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