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HTML5 Coding for Beginners

Students Learn Web Design Using HTML5 and CSS Code

HTML5 Coding for Beginners is available in web-based format on iAcademy.


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Licensing & Ordering Information
  • iAcademy licenses work on a one-to-one student ratio. Purchase one license for each student who will be using an iAcademy title in a given school year or term. Licenses purchased for a given school year expire on June 30th of that school year. Licenses are non-transferable and non-concurrent.
  • Licenses purchased for the current school year are available at a prorated price.
  • Multi-year purchases are eligible for a 5-10% discount.
  • If making a multi-year purchase, note that licenses purchased for each year must be used in that school year. Unused licenses do not carry over to subsequent school years.
  • For orders of 200 licenses per year, email or call for pricing.

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    In this engaging, web-based title, students become web designers as they learn basic HTML code. Using step-by-step instructions, students edit a web page template, write code to include pictures and hyperlinks on a web page, create, upload, and share their own web pages, and more. This title also includes templates and review questions to help students become familiar with HTML.

    From formatting titles and headings with CSS, to creating a web page using HTML and styling it with CSS, students learn a number of key web programming skills. HTML5 Coding for Beginners is designed to spark students’ interest and increase their confidence in writing web-based code. 


    This title is published by B.E. Publishing. Content is copyrighted and provided by TechnoKids, Inc.


    Students Will:

    • Identify the topic, purpose, and audience of a web page
    • View the source code of a web page
    • Decode the meaning of HTML and CSS tags
    • Plan and organize web page ideas
    • Create a web page using HTML and style it with CSS
    • Set attributes for the body, text, and graphics
    • 24/7 access from anywhere, any device
    • All Assignments Submitted Online (from Student Portal to Instructor Portal)
    • No textbooks or paper required

    Grade: 9-12

    HTML5 Coding for Beginners License (2016-2017 School Year) (Web-based)
    ISBN: 978-1-626891-59-3

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