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How Will This Help Me Get a Job? Making Every Skill Count


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Young people seeking employment usually do not have a great deal of job experience, yet they have probably already built up an impressive array of transferable skills without realizing it.

This program helps students understand that skills they have acquired at school and in their personal lives may help them land their first job. Planning outings with friends, raising money for charity, and playing video games are some of the activities that enable teens in the video to develop proficiency in communication, problem solving, and using current technology—all valuable abilities with which to enhance their resumes. 

Video Segments

1. Communication Good communication skills involve listening, understanding, clear verbal ability, following instructions, interpreting directions, and the use of body language.

2. Teamwork and Problem-Solving Skills Two young men assemble something, but without reading the instructions, they assemble it poorly. Problem-solving skills include thinking clearly, thinking laterally, working through the problem step-by-step, using strategies, and brainstorming ideas.
3. Initiative & Enterprise Raising money for a charity is a transferable skill. Initiative and enterprise skills involve being creative, finding new ideas, proactively finding new approaches, and trying an idea.
4. Planning & Organizing Planning and organizing skills include making plans and setting goals or targets, using a timeline, short and long-term goals, being a good manager, and using good communication skills.
5. Self Management Self-management strategies include setting life goals, achieving a balance between study, rest, and play. Self-management includes effective time management and avoiding procrastination.
6. Learning Learning skills mean the ability to cope with a new task, follow the steps in completing a task, learn from errors or mistakes, and apply learning to other situations or events.
7. Technology Employers look for people who are up-to-date with technology. Being comfortable with new technology is a must for job seekers. It's important to be familiar with the latest gadgets.
8. Credits: "How Will This Help Me Get a Job? Making Every Skill Count" 

How Will This Help Me Get a Job? Making Every Skill Count (DVD)
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Time: 22 Minutes

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