How to Make Digital Stories

A guide through each step of making a one-minute/150-word digital story based on the theme “Who Am I?”


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This video guides viewers through each step of making a one-minute/150-word digital story based on the theme “Who Am I?”—a project that relies on editing software such as Final Cut Pro to integrate digital snapshots, original or royalty-free music, and voiced-over narration into a multimedia essay. Technology is reshaping the way students learn and relate to each other; use How to Make Digital Stories to nurture multi-literacy and prepare your students for life in a world where digital expression and online collaboration are quickly becoming the norm. Ideal for courses in communications and computer science—and anywhere projects involving creative nonfiction can be used as a learning tool.

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1. What Is a Digital Story? A digital story is told digitally with images and sound. It is constructed and edited on a computer. It can be stored electronically on DVD, a website, or other storage media. These stories are shared by email or via downloadable link. 2. How to Write a Digital Story Write the digital story in a quiet room away from distractions. Select a title that best reflects the story. Plan to write about 150 words for a one-minute story. Use only original material. 3. How to Create and Add Images and Audio to a Digital Story Select around 15 photos that are clear and in focus, preferably taken on a digital camera. Transfer photos on USB, CD, or directly onto the computer. Record voice-over and only choose music that is royalty-free or original. 4. Hot to Edit a Digital Story Editing a digital story can be done on a Mac or PC. Mac users would most likely use Final Cut Pro, or iMovie; PC users would use Adobe Premiere. Always allow for breathing space. Save all work to avoid disappointment. 5. Digital Story: Finished Product Once the digital story is complete, store it on a DVD by following the necessary steps available on various brands of software. Digital stories are fun and can be educational. These stories can be about anything the creator wants.


Grade: 9-12

How to Make Digital Stories (DVD)
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